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Report accepted[edit]

Dear Oravrattas, Markcridge, Lucyfediachambers, ODenman, Chrismytton,

Thank you for submitting this midpoint report. I am (belatedly--apologies!) accepting this report now with the following comments:

  • It's very clear both in your report and in my direct conversations with you how much care you have taken to truly understand the norms of our projects and of Wikimedian volunteers, in order to truly set this project up in a way that is efficacious in our context. I so appreciate your sensitive, responsive and adaptive project management in this respect.
  • I've approved your budget change request, but I am not positive I've correctly recorded the amounts of the reallocation. Please check them and correct them, if needed. I'm glad to hear you are thinking about allocating more money for international events and would be happy to approve that change if/when you are ready.
  • I see you have not completed the learning pattern for this report. I am happy to waive this requirement for the Midpoint in light of how much documentation you have been creating as part of this project to support learning in the Wikimedian volunteer communities.
  • In light of what you say about the resource intensive nature of volunteer engagement, I am curious how you are thinking about building sustainability into the project over time with respect to the workflows that depend on volunteers. I'm glad to hear that you are thinking about how you might built out the political Wikidata community as one strategy to help with this. It seems likely that if you are the ones recruiting volunteers, you will be able to onboard them in a way that prepares them to contribute to the workflows you've set up.
  • I'm looking forward to speaking with you further about your thoughts about next steps for this project.

Thank you so much for the work you are doing on this fascinating and extremely valuable project.

Warm regards,

Marti (WMF) (talk) 16:56, 19 February 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]