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Additional information[edit]

Delay notice of SQ367, after SQ368 incident of 27 June 2016.jpg

I was caught in a 6-hour flight delay of SQ367 (Milan to Singapore) on 27 June 2016, due to an incident occurred to the aircraft that supposed to serve SQ367 after serving SQ368. The incident occurred to SQ368 and it was documented at en:Singapore Airlines Flight 368. If your flight had an article on Wikipedia, it ain't gonna be good. Initially, I heard about this news when I about to board the 6-am bus from Esino Lario to Malpensa. Since there were a lot of uncertainty, I went ahead to the airport and asked about it at the Singapore Airlines counter. In my opinion, they handled it professionally, saying something in the line of, "something happened to the aircraft; we need to change the aircraft. You can check-in if you want, but we're sorry the delay will be long. You will get a lunch coupon." So, that was it. I spent the rest of the time, reading novel that I brought from Singapore, translating the incident article to Indonesian, and buying souvenirs & snacks; and I'm glad that the incident didn't occur to me. :) Kenrick95 (talk) 09:53, 17 October 2016 (UTC)