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Growing Local Language Content on Wikipedia (Project Tiger 2.0)/Support/वर्षा देशपांडे

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Contact details[edit]

Wikipedia username
वर्षा देशपांडे
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Your contribution[edit]

Please note that I am applying for this support as convener of Lek Ladaki Abhiyan Organisation. Hence the contribution is teamwork of all women participants.

Please tell us which existing Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia, Commons, etc.) and language versions you are contributing to, and some of your best contribution towards the project and movement. Please add relevant Wiki/external link wherever applicable

The women's organisation in Maharashtra State Lek Ladaki Abhiyan, took initiative to organise first Women's Day workshop in March 2018 with collaboration of KBP Engineering College, Satara and CIS-A2K in Maharashtra. It was planned only for women participants. The activity of building knowledge about women's issues inn Wiki projects was continued with 2nd workshop in March 2019. This was followed by Re-licensing session in March 2019 for releasing 8 reference books in free license. Lek Ladaki Abhiyan is working on women's issues like child marriage, female foeticides, domestic violence, livelihoods, dowry and sexual assaults. It has developed resources like legal aid manuals, case studies, videos, photo exhibitions etc. The youth from different institutions get involved in the activities. We selected 20 active youth from 4 colleges for this workshop. They were trained in editing skills, inter-wiki links & references, categorisation etc. The gap finding exercise was carried out in regard issues like Laws for Women, Notable women, major events etc. The resource developed by us was utilised as references to create or improve 30 articles. This consistent activity and follow-up resulted into activists on women's issues coming together to create the free knowledge. The gaps in gender related articles were identified and listed. The group is working on important articles on women's issues.

Support details[edit]

Support type[edit]

What type of support you need

  • Chromebook - Yes
  • Internet- Yes


Why do you need this support (Internet and/or Chromebook)

Lek Ladki Abhiyan works for girl child, adolescent girls and rights of women. We have skill training centre and girls' hostel in our campus. So the support will be helpful for us to utilize maximum time and our expertise/experience for increasing knowledge about the rights of women, law and legislation and other social aspects.

Do you have a working laptop? No.

Had you received the support in the first iteration of Project Tiger? No.

Future activities[edit]

How will you use this in the next six months? We have been providing free legal aid services from last 25 years till now. So we want to make available all the laws and legislation related to women in our regional language Marathi. We have a number of photographs related to our work and social issue, we want to create thematic photo galleries on Commons. We will try to address questions related to women in all aspects and want to strengthen Wikipedia, Commons and Wikisource in all aspects related to women.

Community discussion and endorsements[edit]

Please keep the discussion friendly, and note number of endorsement may not be the only way to assess an application's merit