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Project Tiger 2.0 support, PT 2.0 support

Wikimedia Foundation and Google in association with CIS-A2K have rolled out the second iteration of Project Tiger 2.0 also called as Growing Local Language Content on Wikipedia (GLOW). This project provides infrastructure support such as Chromebooks and internet stipend to active Indic Wikimedians.

Timeline for Application[edit]

  • 25 August: Application opens
  • 14 September: Application ends


  • Wikimedians must have a record of contribution to Wikimedia projects of no less than 3 months and no less than 500 contributions across all projects. This is meant to ensure we give support to people with some proven commitment.
  • Wikimedians who received support from hardware donation program are not eligible to apply.
  • Wikimedians with a minimum of 500 edits on mainspace as of 1st August 2019 can apply.
  • The support is given in the spirit of significantly improving each individual's capacity to contribute more actively to the best of his ability. So, this is not a contest, reward or entitlement based on past contributions or the potential to contribute more in the future.
  • All Indian language communities receive equal and proportionate support. To promoting diversity and bridging the gender gap, 25% of total laptops and internet stipends will be given to women Wikimedians who meet the rest of the criterion.
  • Only residents of India are eligible to receive support due to auditing requirements.

Request for support[edit]

Please write your username below and click on "Request for support", it'll open a new subpage. Please answer all the questions in details. Following this a community discussion and endorsement will take place


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