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Response on Derek Ross/talk:[1]

Notice: Former user HJ is not 83.109.. or any other 83..#

Please note that the following is my personal recollection and may be inaccurate. I have tried to write it from the NPOV but my memory is not perfect and I invite and encourage other editors who were around at the time of the events described to treat it as a normal Wikipedia article and edit any parts which they believe to need correction, more detail or clarification. -- Derek Ross 07:12, 24 Mar 2005 (UTC)

H.J. (en:User:H.J.) was one of the the first editors, if not the first, to have irreconcilable differences over Point Of View with the Wikipedia community. She took a great interest in Prussian, German and Polish history and historical figures and contributed a great deal of information about them. Unfortunately her material, although sincere and detailed, tended to be very pro-German/Prussian in the opinion of other editors, and so a great deal of argument resulted between her and them leading to the beginning of the name-calling and edit wars with which we have become so familiar on German/Prussian/Polish topics over the past four years. The editors en:User:MichaelTinkler and en:User:JHK spent a great deal of time in discussing H.J.'s contributions to these articles with her and in bringing them closer to Wikipedia's NPOV concept. This continued over a period of two years without really getting anywhere. In the end H.J.'s behaviour was discussed with her on the Wikipedia-l mailing list -- This was before the current mediation and arbitration system had been created -- and she was forbidden from editing on these contentious subjects and banned for three months.