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I'm withdrawing this request as I’ve already received a personal laptop from Wikipedia. Thank you for your support. Regards—IM3847 (talk) [✖ withdrawn]

Your contact information[edit]

your username 
your contact e-mail (optional) 

Explain your plan[edit]

Tell us about how you contribute currently, and how you would contribute if WMF were to gift a used laptop to you.

  • Iam an active user on English Wikipedia, Commons and WikiVoyage. I’ve contributed more than 14,000 global edits throughout all the projects https://xtools.wmflabs.org/ec/en.wikipedia.org/IM3847 .
  • I lost my laptop recently and I wasn’t able to made good number of edits or even create articles just like I did it in before. You can check articles created by me at User:IM3847.
  • If I was gifted with a Laptop, I can go on my full potential just like I worked in the last year and I’ll upload more than 1000 pics to the commons and can create more and more articles related to Indian villages and Landmarks.
  • You can aslo check a dip in my work since the end of 2017 from the link above.

Affected projects[edit]

Add the existing Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia, Commons, etc.) and language versions that you seek to impact with this equipment.

  • English Wikipedia
  • Wikimedia Commons
  • Wikidata
  • Simple English Wikipedia
  • Wikivoyage
  • Telugu Wikipedia

Work you're proud of[edit]

Show us (through links) some of your best Wikimedia work, on or off wiki, to help us get a sense for the kind of work you do. (no more than 3 or 4 links at most, please.)


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