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Hausa Wikimedians User Group/Projects

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Projects and events


Hausa Wikimedians User Group has organized and participated in several offline an virtual activities in line with Wikimedia movement vision and mission for the development and growth of Wikimedia projects, these completed projects are listed below in "Completed projects" section.

All new official projects of the group are also announced in advance here, in "Upcoming Projects" section and also on our website: https://wikimediahausa.org.ng. For enquiry about these projects or how you can participate or partner with us, please contact us on our public mailing list or via contact@wikimediahausa.org.ng

Upcoming projects


Full details: Hausa WIkimedia UserGroup Plannings 2022.

  • Hausa Community Strategy Discussions: In progress…
  • Technical and administrative support grant: In progress…

Completed projects