Have the patents for MPEG-4 Visual expired yet?

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YES! 😍

All worldwide patents have expired except for 3 Brazilian patents. For historical reference:

  • last European patent, EP 1279291, expired on 2021-04-09;
  • last meaningful US patent, US 6959046, expired on 2022-12-07. The last US patent, likely non essential, US 7395211, expired on 2023-11-14.

The patent list managed by Via Licensing Alliance is available at: https://www.via-la.com/licensing-2/mpeg-4-visual/mpeg-4-visual-patent-list/

This is about MPEG-4 Part 2 (for example Xvid). For H.264 or AVC see Have the patents for H.264 MPEG-4 AVC expired yet?

Brazilian patents[edit]

MPEG-4 Visual has these 3 active patents in Brazil: