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¿¿¿Are Brazilian Patents:

BR PI9804752-3 (Panasonic)
BR PI9805978-5 (Panasonic)

the same as Malesian Ones:

MY 127668 (Panasonic)
MY 129889-A (Panasonic)


¿¿¿Are Brazilian Patents:

BR PI9801156-1 (Sun Patent Trust)
BR PI9904785-3 (Sun Patent Trust)

the same as Malesian Ones:

MY 124052 (Sun Patent Trust) (expires June 30, 2021) (So, if not prolonged, It has already expired)
MY 129665 (Sun Patent Trust)


¿¿¿Is Brasilian Patent:

BR PI0109962-0 (Siemens)

the same as German One:

DE 10143063 (Siemens) (possible expiry date of September 4, 2021

?? and the same as American One:



About the Dolby patent (US 7,395,211)[edit]

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice etc etc

But here is some remarks:

- Patents don't count from filing date but from the date of claimed priority (priority date). And according to Google Patents, the priority date for this patent is 2000-08-16, so you'll have to find prior art from before that date.

- MPEG LA has an "essentially overview" chart in their MPEG4 Visual page, and this patent is shown to cover section "Grayscale shape decoding" (section 7.5.5). I cannot analyze whether this patent is actually essential to implement that section of the MPEG4 Visual spec, but there is a chance it is. And just because the title of the patent says something about watermarks it doesn't mean that the method(s) it describes aren't essential for implementing 7.5.5. Could or could not be. You need a patent lawyer for that.

Good news is it's only a year and some months. After that, MPEG4 Visual is free for all countries except Brazil. And since a MPEG4 AVC / H.264 decoder can be gotten from OpenH264, from that date onward, all the important pre-UHD formats will be decode-able out-of-the-box even on free software distributed at zero cost (note: with the exception of Brazil for Mpeg4 Visual and Malaysia for Mpeg2) 17:04, 29 August 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Important clarification: As I said above, a MPEG4 Part10 / MPEG4 AVC / H.264 decoder can be gotten from OpenH264 for no cost, so although the format is patent-encumbered, it's already decode-able out-of-the-box even on free software distributed at zero cost (and even if it's not, just download OpenH264).
Currently, the only "gap" in the US for the important pre-UHD formats is MPEG-4 Visual.
Again, not legal advice etc etc 21:09, 3 September 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I do not want to crush optimistic spirit.
But we are talking here about: MPEG-4 Part 2
not about: Mpeg4 Part 10: H.264 or AVC.
MPEG-4 Part 2 is H.263 compatible in the sense that a basic H.263 bitstream is correctly decoded by an MPEG-4 Video decoder
Good news is Mpeg4 Part 10: H.264 or AVC should follow in next years, and there is Mpeg5 EVC Base Profile free of patents.
I wish It could have been true, but it is mention on begin of article.
I would suppose that there could be political patent reform.
I would suppose that before Universal Basic Income political decision could buy patent right for everybody withing country or world.
What I mean is that it is: cheaper, much much cheaper:
It would be something cheaper than paying each person $1000/month, because it could be for some codecs something like 1¢ents per year times ×20 years (untill expiration).
So worst case scenario should be below single time $10 / per person within country / state / world per codec.
Compare that to $720'000 of UBI / per persons' 60 years of Life within country / state / world.
Certainly such single decision would be cheaper, and would save on copyright law suits, and it would make cheaper cost of videoservice decision or software or equipment manufacturer to support certaine video codecs.
It could allow to push very High Custom Tax for foreign obsolete hardware imports which do not supports newest video codecs bought by politicians.
It is strange custom in political reality to make heavy taxes on population in order to finance social and technological progress, and all this technological progress is halted just by License fees counted in ¢ents or single dolar$ per single heavy taxated person.

Join the party (yeah)[edit]

Feel free to go to Wikimedia Phabricator and join this event to get a notification:

phabricator:E1552 Valerio Bozzolan (talk) 10:27, 1 September 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Xvid just landed in Fedora[edit]

Thank you for keeping track of the patents related to Xvid. While doing a # dnf update today, I noticed that the Xvid package was proposed. You may want to take a look at <> for a confirmation. Tizizi (talk) 13:11, 29 January 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Lol what? Mpeg4 Visual patents haven't expired, neither have Mpeg 2 patents worldwide[edit]

I would like to add quotation i have found on: Wiki AV1 Talk:LOL what? Mpeg4 Patensts haven't expired Neither have Mpeg2 patents worldwide

MPEG LA lists active patents for MPEG 4 Visual in the United States, Brazil and Malaysia, and the United States does enforce software patents.

4 Patents Listed: (I do not know: 3 in 'Brasil and another one in US or 3 in Brasil and one also in US)

Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation
BR PI0113271-7
US 7,395,211
Siemens AG
BR PI0109962-0
Sun Patent Trust
BR PI9904785-3

Also, MPEG LA lists active patents for MPEG 2 Part 2 in Malaysia Don't know if Malaysia enforces software patents, but hardware needs to pay royalties anyway (even open-source hardware). 22:37, 6 April 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

2 Patents Listed:

General Video, LLC
MY 141626-A
MY 163465-A

I just suppose patents for Malaysia counts for Malaysia only,

but I do not know how much does patents from Brasil.

I Suppose that Brasilian Siemens patents expired in Germany, and suppose that therefore for European Union.

I do not know how it counts for streaming between border of countries.

If I correctly understand info from google Links: all 3 patents for Mpeg 4 part 2 Visual are pending in Brasil and

1st also in USA, KOREA, Russia
2nd also in China, Malaysia, Indonesia
3rd also in USA, Australia, KOREA, Japan