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Help:Interlanguage link demo

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This is a demo page for interlanguage linking, a special type of interwiki linking. But Meta is not set up for true interlanguage links, so the below are regular interwiki links in the form that would make them interlanguage links on a Mediawiki installation set up for interlanguage links.

It shows interlanguage links (here just example pages in other languages, not corresponding pages), which, depending on the project, may all be in-page, or partly or fully at the edge.


The German link is put first, to demonstrate that order is preserved. This text is deliberately in between the links for the purpose of the demonstration.

ar:ويكيبيديا:مساعدة التحرير
bg:Уикипедия:Как се редактират страници
ca:Viquipèdia:Com s'edita una pàgina
cs:Wikipedie:Jak editovat stránku
da:Wikipedia:Hvordan redigerer jeg en side
el:Wikipedia:Πώς να επεξεργαστείτε μια σελίδα
en:Wikipedia:How to edit a page
es:Wikipedia:Cómo se edita una página
eo:Vikipedio:Kiel redakti pagxon
fr:Wikipédia:Syntaxe wikipédia
ga:Vicipéid:Conas a cuirtear leathanach in eagar
hi:लेख को कैसे बदलें
it:Wikipedia:Guida essenziale
he:ויקיפדיה:איך לערוך דף
lt:Wikipedia:Kaip Redaguoti Puslapį
hu:Wikipédia:Hogyan szerkessz egy lapot
no:Wikipedia:Hvordan man redigerer en side
ro:Wikipedia:Cum să editezi o pagină
ru:Как редактировать страницу
sl:Wikipedija:Urejevanje slovenskih strani
sr:Википедија:Како се мења страна
fi:Wikipedia:Kuinka sivuja muokataan
sv:Wikipedia:Hur man redigerar en sida
vi:Wikipedia:Cách chọn lọc trang
tr:Wikipedia:Sayfa nasıl değiştirilir
ur:صفحہ کس طرح ترميم کريں

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