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Horami, also known as Hawrami, is our native language which is spoken in Horaman (Hawraman) region and people who speak it, are called Horami. Horaman is divided between Iran and Iraq borders and consequently, most of people in this area could speak Persian an Arabic like their native language. Moreover, Horami people can speak Kurdish Sorani which is one of the formal languages in KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government).Unfortunately, we don’t have any right to study in our language in both countries and this is resulted in fading it gradually.
According to the UNESCO information, Horami has a definitely endangered vitality and you can have a look at the link below:
And also you can get more information about Horami in the following links:



Horami is an ancient language and a heritage for humanity and we are decided to keep it alive. So, we started to work together and make a Wikipedia page for it.

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--Ako Marani Tareq waisi

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--Ako Marani Tareq waisi

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