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Human Rights Global Wikiproject is a cross-wiki, cross-border and cross-language project aiming to share free knowledge about human rights ideas, streams, movements and actors (both in historical and modern perspective) of different nations worldwide, in as many languages as possible.

The aim is expected to be achieved through writing and translating articles in Wikipedia and Wikiquote (possibly in other wikiprojects as well) by Wikimedians of different countries and origins alongside with experts in human rights issues.

Note! We are still looking for ideas to name the project. If you have any, please do leave them on the talk page!


One of the priorities of the project is to ensure information spreading about important human rights issues of non-English speaking countries which remain unknown to the world because of language barriers.

The second priority is to cover topics from neutral point of view, basing on facts and not judgements and authoritative sources. To ensure this priority practical piece of advice is to be developed through international community effort.

Nationality and state affiliation are NOT the priority under the project. Participants are viewed from the point of languages they can make input in and of topics they have access to.

Elements of the project[edit]

  • Engaging international community;
  • Creating approximate lists of topics to be covered;
  • Developing practical norms of neutral issue coverage;
  • Running the tracking and evaluation system;
  • Articles are being written by project participants who are aware of the topic;
  • Then the articles are being translated to English and to other possible languages;
  • Evaluating the articles created.

Note! Neutrality norms[edit]

Practical advice on covering the themes from neutral point of view will be provided here.

Tracking and evaluation[edit]

  1. A template will be created to put on the talk pages of the pages under the project. The parametres of the article like level of neutrality will be put manually into the template while evaluating the article.
  2. A bot will be coded to collect the results. Algorithm: the bot goes to the Wikidata entity about the template and goes to each wiki it exists in. There, on the talk pages where the template is placed it reads template's parameters. Then it looks for the Wikidata entity the of the article the talk page of which it was in and reads all the Wikipedia and Wikiquote articles it sees along with badges they have. Then it goes into each of these articles if it wasn't there before. In case there is the template on the talk page it also reads the parameters. Then after the cycles it goes to Meta and tries to output it smartly into a table (or tables per category if it reads it somewhere). The algorithm given is general and omits some details as how actually it stores the info it reads, checks whether it was there before and so on.

Template of the project[edit]


On behalf of this project, feel free to contact:

Basic categories of topics to be covered[edit]