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This page deals with the approval and cloaking of IRC bots on freenode. These can be identified with two types of cloaks: those in the form project/usernick/bot/botnick (user cloak) which represent bots that may or may not actually be for Wikimedia's use but are operated by their owner, and project/bot/botnick (Wikimedia cloak), for bots which have a practical use for Wikimedia and which have been approved by a group contact.

The procedure for requesting cloaks can be found here. If you already have a user cloak for your bot and (as is the case for most bots) it should be a Wikimedia cloak, go to the same page and follow the instructions in the "Changing cloaks" section.

There are a number of guidelines for the operation of IRC bots on freenode:

  • A bot should not pose a nuisance, flood, or harass users.
  • The ircname of the bot should preferably contain a URL to a wiki page or web page describing the bot.
  • Bot behaviour remains the responsibility of their operators.

List of bots[edit]

The following table lists all currently known bots. Please update if incorrect, and keep alphabetised by bot nick.

Bot nickname Bot username (if applicable) Operator nickname Operator username Primary channel(s) Brief description bot's function, link to documentation Cloak (if applicable)
  • stwalkerster
  • OverlordQ
#wikipedia-en-accounts Alerts account creators to new requests wikimedia/bot/ACCBot

AntiSpamMeta AfterDeath WHeimbigner Alerts ops about users that are excessively flooding and provides alerts in #wikimedia-ops. see AntiSpamMeta. AntiSpamMeta/.

AsimovBot -jem- Auto-responding to various triggers. E.g.
<awight>  I would not mind seeing [[File:Precisionrecall.svg|thumb|Precision and recall]] on every page that references P-R...
<AsimovBot>  [1]

b[stew] Barras Barras Barras Does steward/admin actions wikimedia/barras/bot/b-stew

BanBot Platonides Platonides Kicks spammers wikimedia/bot/BanBot

CheMoBot CheMoBot Beetstra Beetstra #wikichem Follows selected fields in infoboxes for verification purposes. Tags pages with changes to selected, verified fields

COIBot Beetstra Beetstra #wikipedia-spam-t Catch edits where username overlaps significantly with page edited, where username overlaps significantly with url added, monitor link additions, link statistics. wikimedia/bot/coibot

CVNBot1 (many, up to CVNBot26 or more) IRC bots that list suspicious edits with information such as the editor, edit summary, size change, and diff link. Sample output at #cvn-sw (aka. small wikis) looks like this (screenshot) Docs: cvn/bot/cvn-bots

  • DatBot
  • DatBotCSD
DatGuy DatGuy Reports potentially dangerous edits in enwiki
Maintains a CSD log

gpy Gryllida Gryllida #wikinews Converts wiki syntax to URLs; reports review queue feed

Helpmebot stwalkerster Stwalkerster Linkbot and miscellaneous other functions such as auto-welcoming newcomers, and responding to some commands. It sends updates to the -helpers channel about how many users are awaiting a response to their templated {{help me}} request (just by tracking the onwiki category). See w:WP:HELPMEBOT and for more info. wikimedia/bot/helpmebot

icinga-wm N/A N/A – Foundation SRE team #wikimedia-operations Docs: wikitech:Icinga#IRC notification. Reports problems in a variety of channels, such as #wikimedia-operations. E.g.
<icinga-wm>  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT - High lag on wdqs1002 is CRITICAL: CRITICAL: 100.00% of data above the critical threshold [1800.0] Gehel restarting updater to catch up on updates
<icinga-wm>  PROBLEM - Host elastic2004 is DOWN: PING CRITICAL - Packet loss = 100%
<icinga-wm>  RECOVERY - Host elastic2004 is UP: PING OK - Packet loss = 0%, RTA = 0.33 ms

Jotter Jyothis Jyothis #cvn-sw Helper bot to help users do translation and language code lookup. wikimedia/bot/Jotter

jouncebot bd808 BDavis (WMF) #wikimedia-operations Docs: wikitech:Tool:Jouncebot. A reminder bot for Wikimedia production deployments, written in Python. It reads the wikitech:Deployments calendar and pings people #wikimedia-operations when their deployment window starts wikimedia/bot/jouncebot

JBot-RC, JBot-CVN, JBot-HELP, JBot-0 thru 9 Jyothis Jyothis Reports edits, cvn alerts etc for all wikimedia projects into subscribed channels. wikimedia/bot/JBot-RC

librenms-wmf N/A N/A – Foundation SRE team #wikimedia-operations Docs: wikitech:LibreNMS#IRC Alerting. Outputs the alerts and recoveries on the #wikimedia-operations channel. E.g.
<librenms-wmf>  Critical Alert for device - Primary inbound port utilisation over 80%

linkbot Gryllida Gryllida #wikipedia-ru Converts wiki syntax to URLs

  • LiWa3
  • LiWa3_1
  • LiWa3_2
  • LiWa3_3
LiWa3 (doesn't edit) Beetstra Beetstra Reports new additions of links on approx. 751 wikis.

logmsgbot N/A N/A – Foundation SRE team #wikimedia-operations Docs: wikitech:Logmsgbot. Outputs !log messages to IRC. E.g.
<logmsgbot>  !log bsitzmann@tin Started deploy [mobileapps/deploy@2a8e648]: Update mobileapps to c4dc72d
<stashbot>  Logged the message at
<logmsgbot>  !log bsitzmann@tin Finished deploy [mobileapps/deploy@2a8e648]: Update mobileapps to c4dc72d (duration: 05m 18s)
<stashbot>  Logged the message at

  • PmlBot
  • PmlBot2
  • PmlBot-AR
  • PmlineditorBot
  • PmlineditorBot2
[Pmlineditor] Pmlineditor Based on EhJJ's bot for usage in CVN channels wikimedia/pmlineditor/bot/pmlineditor-bot

route_bot vishwin O #wikipedia-en-roads A bot based on unilinky that expands links, gives answers to FAQs, and provides notifications. wikimedia/O/bot/route-bot

RxyBot-Control rxy rxy wikimedia/bot/RyuBot-Control

Sauketu Ishisashi Mrhso2014 # Bridge to Other IMs.

shinken-wm N/A N/A – Wikimedia Cloud Services team plus individuals listed at Reports problems/recoveries of hosts and services. E.g.
<shinken-wm>  PROBLEM - Puppet errors on deployment-etcd-01 is CRITICAL: CRITICAL: 22.22% of data above the critical threshold [0.0]
<shinken-wm>  RECOVERY - Puppet errors on deployment-etcd-01 is OK: OK: Less than 1.00% above the threshold [0.0]
<shinken-wm>  PROBLEM - Host deployment-phab02 is DOWN: CRITICAL - Host Unreachable (

snitch MZMcBride MZMcBride Announces on-wiki changes for some prominent pages on Meta-Wiki and Foundation wiki, in #wikimedia and #wikimedia-tech. Docs.

stashbot bd808 BDavis (WMF) Docs: wikitech:Tool:Stashbot. It stores data for use by other tools, responds to !log messages, and gives information about Phabricator objects referenced in messages. Data collected by stashbot is stored in an Elasticsearch cluster in Toolforge and consumed by: Bash, SAL, and an as yet unwritten IRC history search system. E.g.
<volans>  !log disabled puppet on tegmen and disabled raid_handler temporarily T163998
<stashbot>  Logged the message at
<stashbot>  T163998: check_hpssacli should report on battery failures and cache disabled -

StewardBot dungodung Dungodung #wikimedia-stewards Reports information relevant to stewards. Docs. wikimedia/bot/StewardBot

  • SULWatcher
  • WatcherSUL
Laaknor Laaknor #cvn-unifications Reports filtered account unifications. (documentation) wikimedia/bot/SULWatcher

UnBlockBot Beetstra Beetstra #wikipedia-en-unblock Automatically reports new uses of {{unblock}} and all users in en:CAT:RFU with !unblock.

VMbot C-M C-M #wikipedia-de-rc VMbot is an IRC-Bot watching the recent changes looking for new entrys on de:WP:VM, the german Version of en:Wikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism. Aditionaly he is managing the @admin -command to show available admins. wikimedia/C-M/bot/VMbot

VVVBot VVVBot VasilievVV VasilievVV Process commands like !admin wikimedia/VasilievVV/bot/VVVBot

Wiki-Bot Platonides Platonides #wikimedia-commons-image-uploads2 Reports uploads at commons and suspicious files. wikimedia/bot/Wiki-Bot

wikibugs N/A N/A – see list at,members or # Docs: mw:Wikibugs. Reports phabricator and gerrit changes, in a large number of developer channels. (It merged the now-retired "grrrit-wm" bot functions). wikimedia/bot/pywikibugs

WikiLinkBot Sumurai8 Sumurai8 #wikipedia-nl Makes [[ ]] and {{ }} clickable links, alerts opted-in mods on !mod-command (doc) wikimedia/bot/WikiLinkBot

Wikiwikio XeBot Orango Orango Make Urls(TinyUrls) for Wiki commands, Social functions (RSS, Weather, Math..) wikimedia/Orango/bot/XeBot

wiktlinky Wuzur Wuzur #wiktionary-de expands wikilinks

wm-bot petan Petrb #wm-bot Docs: Wm-bot. Has a variety of functions, including opt-in channel logs (stored at, collecting stats on user activity, and auto-responding to various triggers (See the short-list for the -operations channel, and huge list for -dev channel at, plus a bunch more. E.g.
<Vulpix>  !db revision
<wm-bot>  See

wm-bridgebot bd808 BDavis (WMF) Docs: wikitech:Tool:Bridgebot. Used to relay messages between multiple different chat systems, e.g. IRC and Telegram.

wm-labs-meetbot scfc_de Tim.landscheidt Annotating logs with #info #action #topic and other info, see Meetbot and wikitech:Tool:Meetbot wikimedia/bot/wm-labs-meetbot

WMDSbot tgr Tgr #mediawiki Docs: WMDSbot. Notify about new questions on the Wikimedia Developer Support forum wikimedia/bot/WMDSbot

wmfgcbot Wmfgcbot seanw Sean Whitton #wikimedia-irc Once actually coded, this bot will perform time-saving tasks for the group contacts. wikimedia/bot/wmfgcbot

wmf-insecte N/A N/A – Foundation SRE team Jenkins IRC bot

wmopbot danilo Danilo.mac Provides alerts in #wikimedia-ops and #wikimedia-opbot about potential problems in other Wikimedia IRC channels. Also allows channel operators to view recent moderation actions through the web interface. wikimedia/bot/wmopbot

zhmrtbot dargasea Dargasea #wikipedia-zh Bridges messages from/to channels in other popular Chinese IMs.

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