Image filter referendum/Email/False positives

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Hi there!

I've sent out an email to over 700,000 accounts saying that they're eligible to vote in this referendum. Undoubtedly, I've made a few mistakes with assessing eligibility of the voter lists. So, if your account has accidentally received a notice saying you're eligible to vote, or there is an issue with the email (it is not in the correct language, or there is garbled text) please sign below.

Please provide:

  • Your username
  • A brief explanation of why you think your account isn't eligible to vote (for example: I am blocked on more than two projects, This is a bot account)

This page is for technical issues only. That is, if you want to argue about the appropriateness of sending emails in the first place, or about the election generally, or about the email's wording, I'd like it if you directed your comment to Talk:Image filter referendum.


Werdna 12:25, 19 August 2011 (UTC) --[reply]