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Téchne d'anánkes asthenéstera makrô.

Nemo's global bot since 2009-10-18 to add interwikis on Wikiquotes (see edit counter and local flags). On other wikis it does other things. Detailed statistics: en, pl, pt, de, bs, es, sk, ru, he, bg, sl, cs, lt, tr, fr, hu, eo, el, nl, zh, fa, ja, sv, hy, fi, ca, uk, hr, et, ka, no. It might run from the Toolserver.


  • Monthly (unless other bots have run) or on demand: interwiki.py in autonomous mode (also on warnings) on every Wikiquote. Last run: 2013-09-10, global autonomous, 2978 edits, global editcount now 102 089.
  • Sometimes:
    • the same on categories (last time: 2013-01-30, 467 edits);
    • manual interwiki fixes left by autonomous mode;
    • interwikis on all pages with same title (-same in -autonomous mode) on 20 Wikiquotes with more pages without interwikis (last time: 2013-09-16, 1043 global edits).