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I've always liked to dig
There's a lot to do here!
Democratical assemblies are true fun.

Federico Leva alias Nemo (Nemo_bis for SUL reasons) or Federico, Helsinki resident from Milan, born in 1989.
I've started editing Wikimedia projects (Wiktionary) in 2005; among other things, I'm a sysop (and bureaucrat) on it.quote and translatewiki.net (also, I've been on it.wikt in 2006–2007 and here on Meta in 2010–2013, and see other projects), a transcom member and a former Wikimedia Italia board member and treasurer (2008–2009, 2017-2018). I'm also a WMFI and WMDE member.
Outside Wikimedia, I've been member of the board of directors of the University of Milan (2009–2012).

I usually take care of: the various meta- and international issues of Wikimedia projects, including localisation and technical needs of the communities; policies, guidelines, sisterprojects and projects coordination; outreach, governance, regulations and business within the Wikimedia movement; mentoring new users and writing down/transmitting CommunityLore.

Contact me on talk or write me an e-mail to my personal address. See also my userpage on other projects and Wikimedia Italia wiki.

Essays etc.:

User language
it-N Questa utente può contribuire con un livello madrelingua in italiano.
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
fi-1 Tämä käyttäjä osaa suomea vähän.
sv-1 Den här användaren har grundläggande kunskaper i svenska.
Users by language
A loop consists of a Latin A, a Hiragana a and two blue arrows lying between them
A loop consists of a Latin A, a Hiragana a and two blue arrows lying between them
This translator translates from
English to Italian.

Todo/wish/dream-list for Meta-Wiki:

  • Categorize everything (ongoing)
    • As of 12:52, 25 July 2010 there are 1890 uncategorized pages.
    • As of 06:00, 4 August 2010, there are 1316, of which only 65 are non-subpages (certainly to be categorized) and 503 are subpages of pages with less than 10 uncategorized subpages (19 April 2011: 1748, 118, 679)
  • Meta:MetaProject to Overhaul Meta
  • Most linked-to categories: reorganize to facilitate discussion etc. (especially proposals, archives, infos and reports on various projects)
  • Move all Italian help pages to Meta (may need sane translation management on Meta and interwiki redirects)
  • Help/organize translation at least to Italian on every (or at least important [which is not so different]) page on wmf:
  • Move/reorganize lots of MediaWiki related pages (on Meta, mediawikiwiki, wikitech)

Attention! I may receive or have received welfare services or other goods in return for my editing of this and other wikis, originating from any of the affiliations listed above (and inferable). This is my global user page and supersedes any information on local wikis.