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The MetaProject to overhaul meta (WPOM) seeks to streamline Meta by eliminating irrelevant content, building infrastructure, rewriting documentation, and organising its content in an efficient, intuitive manner. The final goal is to reinvite users previously alienated by confusion and make Meta useable and enjoyable to all contributors. Join us on IRC at #wikimedia on freenode.

This project was started in 2006 but was abandoned. It was restarted in June 2008 following an email from Anthere and a proposal from guillom.

About the MetaProject[edit]


Help building our inventory of the content on Meta.


These are the general objectives and tasks the project has undertaken.

  • Organize categories and categorise every article, see Special:UncategorizedCategories
  • Delete irrelevant content and merge pages as needed
  • Build infrastructure where missing
  • Move documentation to and rewrite. See Meta:MetaProject to transfer content to for more info.
  • Move most images to Commons, delete copyvios (coordination page).
  • Determine naming conventions and move articles and categories accordingly
  • Build multilingual infrastructure, keeping away from English bias while recognizing that the majority of documents on Meta are in English
  • Update and re-design the Main Page



The inventory will help us identify the content hosted on Meta. It has been suggested to structure this content in namespaces and subpages. The following namespaces are being discussed :


These are specific tasks that need to be addressed.

  • Build an infrastructure to Meta.
    • Make a category tree.
    • Categorize every single article on Meta.
    • Make help pages for the infrastructure (how to browse, etc.)
  • Streamline deletion process, preventing valuable historical context from being deleted
  • Move userspace pages out of main categories
  • General standards and style guidelines
    • Clearer image policy ; see also meta:EDP


(see also the old list)


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