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MetaProject to overhaul Meta-Wiki

The MetaProject to overhaul meta seeks to streamline Meta by eliminating irrelevant content, building infrastructure, rewriting documentation, policies and guidelines, and organising its content in an efficient, intuitive manner. The final goal is to reinvite users alienated by confusion and make Meta-Wiki useable and enjoyable to all contributors.


These are some general objectives and tasks:

  • Organize categories and categorise every article, file, and template.
  • Delete irrelevant content and merge pages as needed.
  • Build infrastructure where missing.
  • Move most images to Commons, delete copyvios (coordination page).
  • Using the translation extension to make Meta-Wiki friendly to non-English speakers.
  • Lead initiative in policymaking at Meta-Wiki, by creating, modifying or abolishing policies, guidelines, and procedures.

Active projects[edit]

Pending tasks[edit]

Pending tasks and ideas that we think would be worth developing (edit):

  • Rewrite of Meta:Deletion policy.
  • Creation of a local bot policy.
  • Community desysop (and other rights) policy/procedure.
  • A clear process for approving and modifying policies. We need:
    • A central place where discussions and voting can take place.
    • Clear rules as to when a proposal can be considered to be successful.
  • Updating administrator, bureaucrat, etc. local policies to match current times.


An incomplete list of most-used templates for Meta-Wiki maintenance. See more on this category:

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