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Indic typing tool is a Indic language typing tool which currently supports 11 languages. It is currently available on as an online typing tool. This currently works on iOS only. It is not compatible with Android (people to work on it are most welcome :) )


Typing using this tool[edit]

Scan this code from your phone to go to the test page and type

Language selector of Indic typing tool.png

  • Choose the typing scheme. By default it will select the Transliteration/Phonetic typing scheme.
  • Tap on Screenshot of Button for Indic typing tool.png to type. Now you will be able to type. After typing select the text, copy and paste where ever you want to use them.

You can use this tool for searching and editing on Indic langauge wikipedias, sending mails, for facebook, tweeting, etc. in Indic languages. Please give your feedback and comments here.

For iPhone users[edit]

iPhone users can use this tool even when they are offline. Here is how you use this app.

  • Go to on Safari.
  • Click on Save icon for Indic typing tool.png icon and choose Screenshot of saving option for Indic typing tool.png "Add to Home Screen Option". Choose "Add". Now it will be saved to your home screen.
  • Go to the home screen and click on "Indic Typing". Now the app will open. See the procedure above for using the tool.
  • Here is how it looks like while typing:

Screenshot of Indic typing tool on iPhone.jpg