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CIS-A2K/Work plan April 2013 - June 2014/Learning and Evaluation

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Access To Knowledge Work Plan

April 2013 - June 2014

This page is created to share CIS-A2K's Annual Work Plan (2013-2014) for Indian language Wikimedia projects. The main objective of this document is to present a detailed plan with projection of outcomes and expected impact of the A2K programme activities. The document has been made in consultation with various stakeholders and keeping in mind the objectives, opportunities and challenges faced by each of the Indian language Wikimedia projects. Feel free to share any feedback.

Language Area Work Plans (TeluguOdiaKannadaGOM (Konkani)Bengali)
Overall Support Across Indian language Communities
Pilot Project – Performing Arts in India
Learning and Evaluation
Ask us a question
Ask us a question

The impact parameters of the Access To Knowledge (A2K) programme are explicitly stated here. However, during A2K team’s discussions with the Wikimedia India Chapter EC and with some members of the Community, the point that came across very sharply was that the current listed targets are not realistic and are excessively focused on the quantitative growth of Wikipedias. A2K team was also told that these targets cannot be uniformly thought of across Indian language Wikipedias and stated the need of more nuanced tools of evaluation. Based on this feedback A2K team has arrived at the following evaluation tools to assess the impact of the work. As can be noted from below most of these tools are premised on continuous evaluation than term end evaluation.

Evaluation tools[edit]

  • Quarterly growth of no. of articles
  • Quarterly growth of no. of editors
  • Quarterly growth of no. of active editors
  • No. of page views
  • No. of edits (Article, Other mainspace edits)
  • No. of new user accounts created
  • Trend of contribution of existing editors
  • No. of new editors, trends
  • No. of new images on Commons
  • No. of new tools/gadgets made available during a time-slice
  • No. of mentoring interactions
  • No. of bugs filed and resolved

Community Advisory Team[edit]

The A2K team feels the need of periodic review and evaluation of the progress of the plans by the community. However, pragmatically it is not feasible to involve the entire community in this exercise. Thus, it will be helpful to have a team of 3-5 members from the Community as part of an Advisory Team, which whom the A2K team would have periodic and focused engagement. We are looking at having a Community Advisory Team for each component of the project. There will be 5 Advisory Teams for 5 language area plans and 1 for the pilot project. Any member of the Community is encouraged to sign up to be part of this advisory team. Please indicate your preference in the respective talk/discussion page.

Quarterly Community Survey[edit]

In collaboration with our Donor Wikimedia Foundation, the A2K team is also in the process of designing a Community Survey tool that will be used to gauge the qualitative impact of the A2K work on the Wikimedia community in the five language areas. This is intended to help understand the community sentiment and will help in tracking change over time.

Impact Monitoring[edit]

The A2K team will undertake a quarterly review of its work using the above evaluation tools and report the successes and learnings to the Wikimedia India Community through the various community mailing lists. In addition to this the A2K team will actively review progress of each language area plan in collaboration with the respective Wikimedia community. Based on this feedback we will undertake mid-course corrections, should there be a need. This will be openly shared under the A2K pages in Meta. In addition to this the A2K team will also send out a monthly newsletter (as it is currently doing) informing the larger community of the various activities A2K has undertaken and is planning to undertake. A monthly internal review mechanism of various plans will be instituted to closely monitor the progress of the various activities. A2K will continue to submit a quarterly review report to the Wikimedia Foundation as it currently does and have at least one review meeting with the WMF representative team.