CIS-A2K/Work plan April 2013 - June 2014/Overall Support Across Indian language Communities

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Access To Knowledge Work Plan

April 2013 - June 2014

This page is created to share CIS-A2K's Annual Work Plan (2013-2014) for Indian language Wikimedia projects. The main objective of this document is to present a detailed plan with projection of outcomes and expected impact of the A2K programme activities. The document has been made in consultation with various stakeholders and keeping in mind the objectives, opportunities and challenges faced by each of the Indian language Wikimedia projects. Feel free to share any feedback.

Language Area Work Plans (TeluguOdiaKannadaGOM (Konkani)Bengali)
Overall Support Across Indian language Communities
Pilot Project – Performing Arts in India
Learning and Evaluation
Ask us a question
Ask us a question

Besides the specific programs mentioned under individual language area plans, A2K team will also provide overall support to all Wikipedia India language communities. These will include:

Creating awareness[edit]

  • Online editing videos
Creation of short online editing videos tutorial to be published on Wikimedia commons, Youtube, Facebook and similar websites that could help us outreach to larger audiences. Production of videos in local language will avoid existing issues with global videos such as low comprehensions because of accents and relevance. The A2K Team has initiated conversation with one of the prestigious Mass Communication Departments in India to get these videos produced as student's project. The team will be able to provide an update in a month or so.
  • Editing Guide
Create language specific Wikipedia Editing Guide which will help create awareness that anyone 'can edit' Wikipedia and also serve as an editing help guide for new editors. This could also be published on Wikimedia commons, Youtube, Facebook and similar websites that could help us outreach to larger audiences.
  • Digital coverage
Use of digital outreach / PR / media / on-ground visibility to maximize participation. For example, if an event is happening on a college campus, can the most popular social network pages for that college announce the event, can the most popular newspaper/magazine in that language cover the event and provide news before/after it's over. The digital outreach / PR initiatives will also serve to reinforce and motivate attendees of outreach sessions to edit.

Supporting outreach activities[edit]

  • Support outreach activities to increase the number of new contributors for all Indian language Wiki projects.
  • Capability building to multiply outreach efforts. This will be in the form of sessions that will be conducted where volunteers are trained to conduct outreach sessions in an effective manner – training them on presentation skills, audience engagement skills etc. It could include mock presentations, with video recording for feedback. The A2K Team is planning to organize the first Train the Trainer program in May/June, which will be widely publicized among the Wikimedia India community.
  • Support design and publication of language specific brochures, handouts and presentation.
  • Provide giveaways to participants to thank them for attendance (e.g., stickers, badges, T-shirts, etc.). The A2K Team has already supported the Telugu Wikimedia community in designing and supplying T-Shirts for Telugu Wikipedia Mahotsavam 2013.
  • Follow up with the participants after the outreach session by mail. Send them Wiki editing guides, help links, video tutorials, link to various mailing lists, link to Wikimedia India Facebook page, A2K monthly newsletter, updates on meetups/outreach/photowalks/any other programs being organised in their cities; provided email address of participants are shared with A2K members post the session.
  • Monitor on wiki activity of participants and share the report with community members once every two months; provided participant's usernames are shared with A2K members post the session.

Facilitate conversations[edit]

  • Facilitate more qualitative interactions amongst community members with an aim to foster creation of new project ideas. These could be in the form of physical meetups, hangouts/skype calls, small/large scale conferences.
  • Organise language specific IRCs where community members from that specific language could discuss their plans, issues, concerns, and anything at all.
  • Encourage community members to leave comments, suggestions or details of any kind of support they might need from A2K team on this A2K Meta help page.

Technical solutions[edit]

  • Often community members express the need to have effective bug resolution. There is a need to facilitate bug reporting and resolution.