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Indic-TechCom/Report/July-Sep 2020

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Indic-TechCom July-September 2020 Report


  • BookReader (Improvement)
    • 15 Translation update checkout into production

  • QRCode-Generator (Improvement)
    • 11 Translation update checkout into production

UserScripts [edit]

  • InsertWikiDataImage (New) - This script allows users to insert an image from Wikidata on their local wiki page.

Other [edit]

  • Provide support and create templates and modules in Punjabi Wikipedia. (Requests)
  • Changed the content model of "பயனர்:Fathima kaniyam/common.js" (phab:T257026)
  • Fix Italian Wikisource Vis (MediaWiki:Gadget-vis.js) for bangla wiki (phab:T252682)
  • Google OCR is not giving any output (phab:T257410)
  • Enable Telugu wikipedia as Import source for Telugu Wikibooks (phab:T260107)
  • Add import sources for mlwiktionary (phab:T260716)
  • Upgrade pywikisource library to 0.0.2 on PyPI (phab:T263321)
  • Fix the Main page errors in Punjabi Wikisource.
  • Fixed Module:Protection banner on Nepali Wiki

Apart from that, we have also provided support on social channels like IRC and Facebook.