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Wikipedia Tales - A Trip To Lahore!

Wikipedia Tales - A trip to Lahore is a short animated movie showing animals learning about their heritage in Lahore using Wikipedia. The Punjabi animation resulted in around 190,000 views in 4 months and around 171,000 visitors to the Punjabi Wikipedia, with about 3,017 visitors average after the release of the video.


The objective is to spread awareness among people about the regional languages of India in Wikipedia, where most users are from the English Wikipedia. This project endeavors to make people aware and promote readership of the Indic languages in the 12–45 age group.


Please ping Wikilover90 if you are interested in doing a dubbing project to your local language for Wikipedia awareness campaign.


Punjabi dubbing[edit]

The voices for the video were provided by Stalinjeet Brar, Gurlal Maan, Wikilover90, and Gagagndeep Dass.

Punjabi Wikipedia Tales - A Trip To Lahore!


  1. Hindi
  2. Telugu Yes check.svg Done by User:MNavya; c:File:Wikipedia Tales (Telugu version).webm
  3. Marathi
  4. Tamil
  5. Bengali


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