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Indic Dubbing : Animation Movie Wikipedia Tales/Telugu

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Wikipedia Tales - A trip to Lahore is a short animated movie showing animals learning about their heritage in Lahore using Wikipedia. We are dubbing it into the Telugu language.


The objective is to spread awareness among people about the regional languages of India in Wikipedia, where most users are from the English Wikipedia. This project endeavours to make people aware and promote readership of the Indic languages in the 12–45 age group.


Estimated budget[edit]

The estimated budget is around 4000-5000.

Telugu script page[edit]

Telugu subtitles for clip


As a part of the New Readers Inspire campaign, Wikilover90 produced an animation video to increase awareness about Punjabi Wikipedia. We took up a project to dub this into Telugu language, thereby promoting Wikipedia among Telugu speakers. The dubbing had been done in three phases. In the first phase, we translated the subtitles from English to Telugu. In the second phase, we learnt about recording techniques for refining the voice, using equipment and software to integrate that into a video. In the third phase, we completed the rehearsal and documentation. MNavya led the project, while technical support was provided by Gnana Sreekar. The video published on Wikimedia Commons on 20 April 2019 and can be seen at c:File:Wikipedia Tales (Telugu version).webm.