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Indic Oral Culture 23-24

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Details of the activities under Indic Oral Culture Project have been listed on this page.


  • First training session: Held on 27th October 2023. Participants from nine language groups joined the meeting. A separate training session was held for a participant on 30th October. The participants were given information about the project, the agenda, timeline, and preparations for upcoming session. They were given the task of video creation to be submitted before second session.
  • Second training session: Held on 4th November 2023. This session focused on training participants on field work for oral culture documentation. They were given training on creating good quality videos using available resources, etiquettes, and things to remember during field work. They were also guided on using the Oral Culture Transcription Toolkit as per their needs.
  • Third training session: Held on 1st December 2023. Held after most participants had finished their field work, this session focused on the two methods of converting video format and uploading them on Commons: video2commons and MP4 to WEBM conversion. A demonstration was also provided on creating and adding categories to Commons files.
  • Fourth training session: Held on 8th December 2023. This session consisted of demonstration on how to transcribe the recorded videos, to create their subtitles for Commons and text for Wikisource.
  • Fifth meetup: scheduled for 2nd January 2024. During this meetup, participants shared their experiences with field work, i.e. recording and then uploading videos on Commons. Learnings were discussed and deadline for transcribing videos was communicated.
  • Sixth meetup: held on 18th January 2024. This meeting was held for participants who needed revision for creating transcripts for recorded videos. Post training, doubts of participants were cleared in a Q&A session.
  • Seventh meetup: held on 9th March 2024. This meeting was focused on discussing reuse of created content. The participants were guided on reuse of the content on several Wikimedia projects: Wikipedia, Wikisource, and Wikidata. The participants shared about their application of the created content on blogs, social media sites etc.

International Mother Language Day Celebration[edit]

This event was held online on 21st February 2024. User: Bharathesha was invited as the guest speaker. He informed the participants on the process of the creation of the Tulu living heritage documentary 'Purse Kattuna', the stages of preparation, resources, chalenges, and learnings.

Media uploaded during Indic Oral Culture 2023-24[edit]

The media uploaded as part of the project is being uploaded under the category: Media uploaded as a part of Indic Oral Culture 2023-24


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