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Aanondoloke, mongolaaloke -

Beeraajo shotto, shundoro ...

[There prevails truth and beauty,

In the realm of happiness and bliss ...]

M. Rafiul Bahar Rafi

Certified Trainer, Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom by WMF Education Team

About me

144 thousand of the soldiers of happiness are working every day, accumulating their knowledge and happiness making them free for each and every people on the planet, seeking the beauty of truth and probably enriching the richest knowledge base created by mankind. Feeling proud to find my name at a small corner there ...

My work

I usually work as a project manager and an organizer in the Wikimedia Movement locally and globally. I'm very much interested in the outreach activities and working with the newbies in the movement. I'm also interested in creating leadership and skilled volunteers in the communities. I'm the founder of NDEC Wikipedia Editorial and Research Team. Besides I'm a certified Media & Information Literacy trainer of Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom program.

Click here to get an overview of the projects I've worked on so far.

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