International Museum Day 2024/Participate

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Join the International Council of Museums (ICOM) in celebrating International Museum Day on May 18th. The Wikimedia movement is invited to improve content about museums from around the world on the Wikimedia projects and represent this year's theme: Museums for Education and Research.

Individual Wikimedians can respond to any of the three challenges — translation, media, and data — at any time in the month of May. Use the #IMD2024 on your edit summary when publishing an edit and register for International Museum Day 2024 on the Dashboard using your Wikimedia account, so we can count your edits and share them with ICOM: Register here Affiliates and user groups are welcome to organize more tailored events and campaigns. Suggested activities are described below.


Affiliates or groups

If you are part of a Wikimedia affiliate (chapter or user group), WikiProject, cultural institution, or any other organized community, you could:

  1. Add your organization or group to the directory of contacts.
  2. Respond to one of the three challenges: translation, media, or data.
  3. Produce resources linked to International Museum Day (brochures, videos, posters, etc).
  4. Organize an activity (e.g. an event, panel, workshop, or edit-a-thon) and add it to the Planned Activities section below, or as a subpage for International Museum Day 2024.

Please track your activities so we can share the impact with ICOM. Either use the International Museum Day 2024 event dashboard for registrations or create your own and add it to the general International Museum Day campaign on the Outreach Dashboard. Use the #IMD2024 on the edit summary when publishing an edit or on social media.

The visuals created for this year's International Museum Day are available on Commons. Feel free to customize them to your language and context.


Add your activities below!

Wikimedia CH

Wikimedia CH has been organizing Wikimedia activities for International Museum Day for several years. For 2024, the chapter is focusing on two main activities:

Panel discussion

On May 17, we will have a panel discussion about ‘Wikimedia, Museums, and Education’, including expert speakers from the museum sector. This conversation will be live interpreted into Spanish and French.

  • Speakers:
    • Hanna Steinert, art Historian
    • Emily Hildebrand, art Educator
    • Athina Petsou, educator in museums studies, former embassador Art+Feminism
    • Anika Wilcox, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe
    • Jean-Marc Wyss, education Lead WMCH
    • Sandra Becker, moderation, GLAM Lead WMCH


Throughout the month, Sandra Becker and Jean Marc Wyss from Wikimedia Switzerland will share videos about this year’s theme, Museums for Education and Research. These videos will be very short and subtitled in more languages.

Wikimedia Serbia

Wikimedia Serbia has been organizing Wikimedia activities for International Museum Day in the past and they were focused on the improvement of articles on Serbian Wikipedia and data on Wikidata. For 2024, the chapter is focusing on:

Wikidata Competition

The Wikidata Competition will take place from the 18th to the 26th of May and it will encourage the editing and improvement of Wikidata.

The goal of this activity is to educate both already experienced and new editors of Wikimedia projects on editing Wikidata and increase data on Museums, Museum experts, Objects, and events related to museums. During this competition, Wikidata and SPARQL editing workshop will be held as part of the local Wikilive conference in Belgrade. Link to the local dashboard.