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International Youth Day 2022/Organize

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How to Organise[edit]

Are you a young person leading or belonging to a local wikimedia community in the movement, or a Wikimedia community organizer passionate about working with young people or youth matters? We need your help to organize!

Organizer's Guide for International Youth Day 2022!

Join the International Youth Day 2022 celebration by organizing an event in your local community.

Are You a Local Organizer?[edit]

Sign up on the Community event page so the Organizing Team can track your activities and keep you updated with IYD developments.

Why Participate as a Local Organizer?[edit]

Young Wikimedians are part of the about 1.8 billion young people taking action to solve pressing issues in different corners of the world today. They are found in almost every wikimedia community in the movement. Their presence is felt in the communities they lead, belong to, and the actions they take in building free knowledge on Wikimedia projects.

Therefore, as young people's voices are celebrated all over the world on 12th August, 2022, it is important that we are moved to celebrate young wikimedians and the communities/individuals who are shaping these group of people, for their work in local wikimedia communities and the movement at large. Beyond this, it creates an opportunity to leverage our number and capacity as a strength for collective action in bridging the knowledge gap on this year's IYD theme on wikimedia projects.

This is a great opportunity to highlight youth diversity in the movement through community participation.

How to Participate as an Organizer.[edit]

Organizers can support this campaign by:

  • Coordinating activities in their country or region.
    1. Identify 2 people (male and female where available) with the highest number of edits, organized training/Edit-a-thons or other forms of leadership from your community. You can choose to do this through a simple survey to collate usernames and links of training/Edit-a-thons led or involved after which you can use the collated information to check yourself. Please note that organizers are not allowed to be among the two identified persons.
    2. Identify an experienced Wikimedian who is not a young person but is supporting the journey of young people in your community. Please note that organizers are not allowed to be the identified person.
    3. Join us (bring your community along) during the global launch event which will double as a wikimania session to talk about the work of such people in their communities, either live where possible or pre-recorded to be presented at the session.
    4. Share the information of the identified persons with the global team for recognition using available means possible.
    5. Host a local event recognizing the identified Wikimedians and awarding them gift vouchers.
    6. Host a webinar or virtual training - Train and educate participants who want to learn about how to participate in the IYD event.
    7. Host an editathon/writing contest - Host participants either virtually or physically to contribute to the theme of the IYD on any wikimedia project together. Please adhere to the covid restriction and safety protocols in your country.
  • Create awareness about the campaign.
    1. Run a local drive - Advertising the IYD 2022 and encouraging participation through publications (press release, media drive, granting interviews about the event, etc.).
    2. Help us to amplify the event - Share information about IYD 2022 on social media including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.
    3. Translate and transcribe - Create event videos or messages in languages that communicate best to your community.
  • Assist individual participants who want to participate from their respective countries.
    1. Organize a training session or webinar to educate participants on how to contribute.
    2. Direct prospective participants to necessary resources that could help their participation.

Before the Start of WikiVibrance IYD.[edit]

  • Create your program dashboard on the WikiVibrance IYD 2022 Campaign dashboard (link to the dashboard here) if your community is participating to track their contributions.
  • Encourage and assist participants from your local community to sign up on the dashboard.
  • 3 weeks before the launch date Which is 12th August:
    • Start engaging your community about your intentions and ideas.
    • Identify what kind of events are ideal for your community.
  • 2 weeks before the launch date or mid-july:
    • Share the How to Participate guide(s).
    • Share communication materials to encourage participation.
    • Share about 2 or 3 times a week to encourage more people to participate.
  • 1 week before the launch date:
    • Inform your community and invite them to attend the launch.
    • Share blog and publication for the WikiVibrance IYD 2022.

During the WikiVibrance IYD (1st-31st August)[edit]

  • Keep sharing the how-to-participate resource materials on all available social media platforms and other selected communication channels for your community.
  • Encourage participants to share their achievements on social media (to encourage others/create a sense of competition).
  • Remind participants to always use your community specific hashtag (eg..#WikiVibranceTZ IYD 22) in their Edit summaries.
  • Share statistics frequently via social media to encourage more participation and competition.
  • You can reshare posts from the international organizing team.
  • As an organizer, ensure you are available to provide further tips and advice where required.
  • Reach out to the International Organizing Team at any point during the contest.

After the Campaign[edit]

  • Compile all statistics and generate your metrics from the programs dashboard you created and the hashtag tool as well.
  • Communicate the results to your community and the International Organizing Team.

Local Prizes[edit]

If you wish to provide a local (or national) prize to support #WikiVibrance IYD in your community, you may apply for a rapid grant. We strongly advise that you apply for a rapid grant before 15th July 2022 to allow enough time for the WMF rapid grant team to evaluate.

Activity Tracking[edit]

  • TRACKING TABLE: We encourage organizers to indicate their participation by logging the link to their campaign page and other relevant information on the community event table.
  • Signup to the WikiVibrance IYD dashboard by creating your program dashboard on the central dashboard here.
  • You can track your activities via your program outreach dashboard.
  • You can also track contributions of participants using the hashtag tool in addition to the outreach dashboard. For this, you will need to create a hashtag specific for your local community Eg..#WikiVibranceTZ IYD 22.

Community Organizer Volunteer[edit]