International issues/procedure

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English language should be lingua franca, comments/questions can be also in other languages, but to make procedure comprehensible to biggest possible audience if using other language ask somebody to translate it to English language.

Common principles[edit]

Common principles used wikiwide (usage of references) applies. E.g. to establish something please quote your sources like this:

  • Krešo Golik (May 20 1922 Fužine - September 20 1996 Zagreb) [1]
  1. Petar Krelja Golik ISBN 953-6005-21-2 Zagreb 1997.

References 1[edit]

All sources must not be relevant, today exist samizdat books and yellow papers, so every source can be challenged or marked as not relevant enough.

References 2[edit]

If all sides in some dispute agree about some fact for which there is no available source/reference, that fact is accepted (e.g. common knowledge).