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historical pages 2003 Wikipedia international logo contest (logos 26-50)
This was an international contest held from July 20 to August 27 2003, gathering 150 proposals. After the early proposal by Chuck Smith on October 12, 2002, the contest was first proposed on June 14, 2003 by Erik Moeller, who argued that the logo (adopted in January 2002 from the Logo suggestions) was unaesthetic, not international, and portrayed a text-only Wikipedia.

Remember, you may only vote on ten logos!

The first voting round ends today, Friday Sep. 5 at 20:00 UTC -- votes added after this deadline will NOT be counted.

For logos 1-25, see International logo contest/Logos 1-25
Logos 26-50 (this page)
For logos 51-75, see International logo contest/Logos 51-75
For logos 76-100, see International logo contest/Logos 76-100
For logos 101-125, see International logo contest/Logos 101-125
For logos 126-150, see International logo contest/Logos 126-150


Votes (for any variant): Aldimann, KS, Gaurav, Tevi, Tarquin, Malene, Angela, Florian, Evil saltine, GulDan,
Neolux, Bohuslav Roztocil, Arnt Richard Johansen, Canrocks, Skood, Tux2000, TowerDragon, Blaiq, Gebu

Total: 18




Ncwiki2b2.png Comments on all variations.


Votes (for any variant): Dante Alighieri, Gaurav, Pedant17, Bluenote

Total: 4

Because of the size of this image, it has been moved off of this page. Click here to see the image.


Votes (for any variant):

EddEdmondson, Tillwe, Taw, Yanyang1985, ILVI, Dishayloo, Koyaanis Qatsi, Kris, Shizhao, CoDuck,
Gaucho, Tarquin, Lorenzarius, Bronger, Goool, Kwekubo, Schneelocke, Malene, Muriel Gottrop, seav,
Alex Anlicker, FvdP, User:mdchachi, AndrewKepert, Buzz, de:Benutzer:Diftong, Florian, Nanobug, Denkfabrikant, Dgrant,
Fritzlein, User:Arev, Wik, Evil saltine, CooYip, Martin BENOIT, GrahamN, Anthere, Jawschlech, Jose Ramos,
Ilyanep, Usedbook, Pde, User:Juxo, ELF, jtvisona, Malbi, Minesweeper, Randyc, pir,
Jeffdelonge, Uriber

Total: 52

larger version - XCF file with layers (Gimp) - Notes, variants and comments


Votes (for any variant): Iasos, CGS, Fantasy, Kris, Erik Zachte, Choplair, tux, Zenogantner, Schneelocke, Kingturtle,
Bluenote, Theresa knott, Skood, Ramesh, Gakrivas

Total: 15



Votes (for any variant): Pedant17, Herrick, Denkfabrikant

Total: 3

Wikipedia klein.png


Votes (for any variant): Matthewmayer, Michael Janich, poplawec, Eclecticology, Trevor Mendham

Total: 5



Votes (for any variant): Pacific1982, JeffTL, Shizhao, poplawec, Eclecticology

Total: 5

Jefftl logosubmission 7-03a-trans.png Jefftl logosubmission 7-03b-trans.png

Variants and comments

Note: I've moved the nontransparent version of A off this part, but if you like it, it's still in the variants section.


Votes (for any variant): JDG, CoDuck, Fabrice P. Laussy, Polakko, Pontauxchats, Adam Bishop, Lazarus Long, Ray Van De Walker, Regulus, Buzz,
Djmutex, Tex, Munford

Total: 13

Gutza31Jul2003.png large



Votes (for any variant): Fantasy, Muriel Gottrop, slathering, Basil Fawlty

Total: 4



Votes (for any variant):

Total: 0


Dquiring wplogo 073103.png
Comments This is a transparent png functional with many backgrounds.


Wikipedia symbel.png
Comments png wikipedia link icon


Votes (for any variant):

Total: 0

Stevertigoglobeicon.png Comments


Withdrawn by entrant[edit]

Original picture


Votes (for any variant): Maveric149, Fantasy, Formulax, Walin, Muriel Gottrop, Denisoliver

Total: 6

Wk 080103 logo.png


Votes (for any variant): El, Kris, WKr, Okrumnow, Nanobug

Total: 5



Votes (for any variant): Kingturtle

Total: 1

Flying i wikipedial3.png


Votes (for any variant):

Total: 0

Flying i wikipedia4.png


Votes (for any variant): GrahamN, Arnt Richard Johansen, TowerDragon, pir

Total: 3



Votes (for any variant): Crusadeonilliteracy, Zenogantner, Florian, MagicTom, Ramesh, Malbi

Total: 6



Votes (for any variant): (SWF format)



Votes: KF, KS, Fantasy, Karukera, Hirschi, Matthewmayer, Stephen Gilbert, Astudent, Andre Engels, Goool,
Garko, Malene, Wikibi, seav, Adam Bishop, Ray Van De Walker, Alex Anlicker, HenrikGebauer, tompagenet, Khym Chanur,
slathering, Okrumnow, Florian, Sergey Tyrin, tonderai, Looxix, The Anome, Basil Fawlty, Jose Ramos, Tomos,
Hémant, Ramesh, TAF, User:nichtich

Total: 34

Logo wikipedia.jpg 

Logo sansculotte2003 2.png 
Large Version for Webpage Layout Square size version Small Version for Buttons etc
Logo wikipedia coloured sansculotte.jpg Wikipedia sub.jpg


Votes: pjunk, —Eloquence, Maveric149, KS, TwoOneTwo, Wonko, Jrincayc, El, Arwel, Jeroenvrp,
Edav, bdesham, Gyan, Jdforrester, Wikibi, At18, Dieter Simon, Angela, User:mdchachi, AndrewKepert,
Fuzheado, KRS, whkoh, Kpjas, Mic, CooYip, idkk, Dramatic, pit, Dgrant,
MyNameIsClare, AdamRaizen, Lezek, Gakrivas

Total: 34

WikipediA Stereo Human GrayVersion.png Wikipedia Logo Stereo Human meta.png
WikipediA Stereo Human ColorVersion.png
SVG format
comment for both


Votes (for any variant): Tillwe, Pontauxchats, Florian Robert Lee, Tomos,Coelacanth

Total: 5

Qm1.png (blank logo no "Wikipedia")
Qm2.png (Sun shineing through)
Qm3.png (Some lights(just mucking around))
Qm4.png (plain background)
Qm5.png (In Esperanto)
Media:Qmmas.psp and Media:Qmmasnow.psp (no "Wikipedia") are plain white background master copies. Note Backgrounds can be changed if someone has a better idead for one.


Votes (for any variant): Jeroenvrp, LittleDan

Total: 2

Wiki orangeball.png (simple icon with transparent background, available for further elaboration) Comments


Votes (for any variant): Nixdorf

Total: 1

Forkno logo.jpg Comments


Votes (for any variant): Taw, Yanyang1985, Karukera, Hirschi, Formulax, Paullusmagnus, Garko, Adam Bishop, At18, Okrumnow,
Robert Lee, Echoray, Chrestomanci, Plaudite, Jawschlech, User:Juxo, jtvisona

Total: 17

Logo the world aug2003.gif A

Logo earthe balls aug2003.png B

Logo ky aug2003.png C
wikimania! haarr!
Discuss above three here

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