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historical pages 2003 Wikipedia international logo contest (logos 51-75)
This was an international contest held from July 20 to August 27 2003, gathering 150 proposals. After the early proposal by Chuck Smith on October 12, 2002, the contest was first proposed on June 14, 2003 by Erik Moeller, who argued that the logo (adopted in January 2002 from the Logo suggestions) was unaesthetic, not international, and portrayed a text-only Wikipedia.

Remember, you may only vote on ten logos!

The first voting round ends today, Friday Sep. 5 at 20:00 UTC -- votes added after this deadline will NOT be counted.

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Logos 51-75 (this page)
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Votes (for any variant): —Eloquence, Maveric149, Koyaanis Qatsi, Jdforrester, LittleDan, KRS, Fritzlein, user:MyRedDice, Martin BENOIT, Pde, Cordyph

Total: 11

1.       2.
POVRay image : can be rendered in any resolution, with different text, colors, etc.
Comments for both versions


Votes (for any variant): Angela, Kwekubo

Total: 2

Comment and variants


Votes (for any variant): Webkid

Total: 1

Just a very basic draft, I was thinking about the symmetry of the two "I"'s towards the two ends of the name and this is what I ended up with :-). Might spark an idea for someone else though. Comments


Votes (for any variant): Aldimann, —Eloquence, Dante Alighieri, Maveric149, bdesham, Arvindn, Yanyang1985, Fantasy, Uwe, Jrincayc,
dougb, Robert Merkel, Arwel, Erik Zachte, Aoineko, Jeroenvrp, Edav, Jake Nelson, Gyan, Stephen Gilbert,
Pedant17, Formulax, Gaucho, Tarquin, nd, Jdforrester, tux, fab, Malene, Muriel Gottrop,
Wikibi, Jwrosenzweig, Gneel, seav, Nixdorf, Imran, Birkett, LittleDan, Jloriaux, Fuzheado,
Buzz, KRS, Nanobug, Dhum Dhum, whkoh, Robert Lee, Caramdir, Mic, idkk, Colipon,
hoshie, Kingturtle, Munford, Cema, Neolux, Chrestomanci, Jawschlech, linuksamiko, Usedbook, GeorgeBrisco,
Thoth, Tomos, Aves3, fr:Utilisateur:Guillaume Bokiau, Sebastianwallroth, Canrocks, Terberlo, MyNameIsClare, Claus Sørensen, Lorax,
Stygian, TAF, Cordyph, Lezek, Minesweeper, TowerDragon, Vargenau, User:nichtich, Nerd,
Nyxos, El, Qaless, Damian, Jeffdelonge,

Total: 84

Lamp:    Pen:    Shield:

(See Comments for more variations.)


Votes (for any variant): Pacific1982, Tevi, slathering

Total: 3



Votes (for any variant): Pacific1982, Arwel, fr:Utilisateur:Guillaume Bokiau

Total: 3



Votes (for any variant): Zenogantner, Lazarus Long, tonderai, poplawec MyNameIsClare, Skood, Coelacanth Total: 6


57c Comment for variants
just a squirrel trying to get a nut.
available in illustrator file.


Votes (for any variant):

EddEdmondson, Hirschi, Tevi, WKr, Stewacide, whkoh, Rodrigob, Bohuslav Roztocil

Total: 8

SVG version Comments


Votes (for any variant): CooYip, GrahamN, Geoffrey

Total: 3

59a, 128x128 px


59b, 128x80 px (sans text)

Media:neuron-submission.doc (Microsoft Word XP (2002) vector draw file, not quite the original image, provided only because vector was a requirement)

comments for a, b, & .doc


Votes (for any variant): TwoOneTwo, Schneelocke, Stygian, WKr, Neolux, AzzKikr, Aves3,

Total: 7



Votes (for any variant): Gaucho

Total: 1



Votes (for any variant): User:nichtich

Total: 1



Votes (for any variant): { MB | マイカル }

Total: 1



Votes (for any variant): rseyfrie, Fantasy; Kris; Jwrosenzweig; Stygian, Kanaz, Fritzlein, GrahamN, Kingturtle, Jose Ramos, jtvisona, AzzKikr Malbi Russell_Dovey Total: 13



Votes (for any variant): —Eloquence, Ed Cormany, Gaucho, Schneelocke, FvdP, EALacey, Khym Chanur, Imran, Denkfabrikant, Cordyph Coelacanth, pir

Total: 10

Talk about the Hydra
Not implying that Wikipedia is a monster, but possibly immortal, always fighting the good fight.


Votes (for any variant): Tillwe , Pacific1982, Gaurav, Tevi, nd, tux, Kpjas, Jawschlech User:Ike9898

Total: 8

Supply your knowledge.
SVG format
SVG format
Comments on both versions


Votes (for any variant): rseyfrie, Tillwe, tux, Zenogantner, Nixdorf, Melkom, Herrick, Florian, Robert Lee, Evil saltine, Dwheeler, sabbut, pit, Canrocks, TAF Qaless Coelacanth, pir

Total: 15

Logo is first of all designed to show what Wikipedia made such a success: globally interconnected people. Secondly it's designed to fit all sorts of media - both online as well offline (shirts etc.) and thus look good at various sizes.



Votes (for any variant): Renke, Erik Zachte, Fruggo, Zenogantner, WKr, I am Jack's username, Eclecticology, TowerDragon, Trevor Mendham

Total: 9

SVG format
Comments on all versions


Votes (for any variant): KF, { MB | マイカル } , User:Theresa knott, Pacific1982 , Uwe, Renke, Shizhao, Sergey Tyrin, Bluenote, Aoineko, Blaiq, El

Total : 12



Comments on both versions


Votes (for any variant): KF 19:31, 27 Aug 2003 (UTC), Edav, Andre Engels, Fruggo, EALacey, Khym Chanur, Okrumnow, Nerd

Total: 7



Votes (for any variant): Aldimann Pacific1982 , Edav, seav, Gneel, Okrumnow, Tex, AzzKikr Sansculotte Blaiq

Total: 7



Votes (for any variant): kesava, Goool, Nanobug, Evil saltine, Geoffrey, Bohuslav Roztocil User:ike9898

Total: 6

Enjoy Wikipedia SVG format


Votes (for any variant):

Total: 0

Something for the math fans.


Votes (for any variant):


Total: 1



Votes (for any variant): LittleDan, Fritzlein, Arno Lagrange, Eclecticology, TowerDragon, Nyxos, Trevor Mendham

Total: 7


A happy face, infinity, brackets, colors, all mixed into one.

 b  c  d

comments for all versions

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