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historical pages 2003 Wikipedia international logo contest (logo finalists)
This was an international contest held from July 20 to August 27 2003, gathering 150 proposals. After the early proposal by Chuck Smith on October 12, 2002, the contest was first proposed on June 14, 2003 by Erik Moeller, who argued that the logo (adopted in January 2002 from the Logo suggestions) was unaesthetic, not international, and portrayed a text-only Wikipedia.

This is the list of finalists in the international logo contest. From September 15, 2003, 20:00 UTC until September 25, 2003, 20:00 UTC it will be possible to vote on these finalists (using the voting method chosen here), average voting.

The vote takes place on a separate page, International logo contest/Ballot. Please see that page for voting instructions.

In the final vote, you can vote on each variant, not just on the whole submission. The artists can pick up to 5 versions (variants) of their logo which they consider particularly valuable. The artists are encouraged to use the time of discussion until the final vote to decide which variants to use, and to further refine their submissions before voting begins. No further changes may be made during the time of voting, to avoid distorting the results.

For designers who want to try their logo with non-English versions of the "Wikipedia" text, see Wikipedia in other languages and Wikipedia subtitle translations.

1: The puzzle sphere by Paullusmagnus[edit]

This submission received 145 votes in the first round.

Comments on all versions

1a: Puzzle sphere[edit]

Paullusmagnus-logo (small) reloaded.png Large version

1b: Puzzle sphere with Miwiki[edit]

(with Oliezekat)

Miwiki logopaullus1 small.png
Large version

2: Ncwiki by Neolux[edit]

This submission received 106 votes in the first round.

Comments on all versions

2a: Information[edit]


2b: Globe[edit]


2c: Embracing[edit]

Ncwikicol.png Ncwikicol-nihongo.png Ncwikicol-russian.pngNcwikicol-عربي.PNG
Language variants are to illustrate the flexibility of the design and are not entries on their own. If separate language WPs choose to have the logo in their own language, it can be done without losing the overall design. Neolux 09:48, 14 Sep 2003 (UTC)

2d: Psi[edit]


2e: Coloured Globe[edit]


Final five entries approved by author: Neolux 03:14, 14 Sep 2003 (UTC)

NOTE: Typeface is not final on any entry, it is for illustration purposes only. If selected, typeface will be finalised later. Variations for languages are easily accommodated, including double byte languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew and Japanese. (See some examples on the comment page.) Transparent, SVG, EPS versions will be created if entry is selected. Stitch colours for embroidery can be provided on request, as can Pantone and CMYK colours. Thanks to everyone for their support and good luck to the other entries! Neolux 03:21, 14 Sep 2003 (UTC)

3: "Squaring the Circle" by Stygian[edit]

This submission received 84 votes in the first round.

Comments on all versions

3a: Lamp[edit]

Stygian Wiki Logo Proto Variant 3.png

3b: Pen[edit]

Stygian Wiki Logo Pen.png

4: Wiki ways by Jurgen[edit]

This submission received 83 votes in the first round.

Comments on all versions

4a: W as labyrinth[edit]

LogoJuergenAugust03 1.png

4b: Wiki as network[edit]

LogoJuergenAugust03 2.png

4c: Wiki as center of dynamic information[edit]

LogoJuergenAugust03 5.png

4d: Wiki as center of even more dynamic information[edit]

LogoJuergenAugust03 4.png

5: Books under construction by Gobidul[edit]

This submission received 71 votes in the first round.


5a: Large variant[edit]

Logo gobidul.png

5b: Smaller variant[edit]


5c: Large blue[edit]


5d: Small blue[edit]




6: Sunflowers by Peterhill[edit]

This submission received 63 votes in the first round.

Comments on all versions

6a: Blue[edit]

Wp sunflower blue.png
SVG format

6b: Green[edit]

Wp sunflower green.png
SVG format

6c: Yellow[edit]

Wp sunflower yellow.png
SVG format

7: Book+ant by Anthere, Liad and user:Oliezekat[edit]

The logo submission from which these variants were made received 62 votes in the first round.

Comments on all versions

7a: Miwiki on stylized book[edit]

Miwiki bouquin2 small.png
larger version

7b: Ant on book with brackets[edit]


7c: Blue Miwiki on book with brackets[edit]

Miwiki bouquin3 small.png Large

7d: Red Miwiki on book with brackets[edit]

Miwiki bouquin5 small.png

7e: Ant on blue book with brackets[edit]

Leafcutt bouquin1 small.png Large

8: Fibonacci spiral by Gutza[edit]

This submission received 60 votes in the first round. There is only one variant of this logo.


Gutza Wikipedia logo.jpg
large version (>200 KB)

9: Miwiki by a workgroup represented by Oliezekat[edit]

Miwiki logo5-0-3 small.png

This submission received 53 votes in the first round.

Comments on all versions

9a: Miwiki carrying letter (Bright blue)[edit]

Miwiki logo5 small.png Large

9b: Miwiki carrying letter (Strumph blue)[edit]

Miwiki logo5-0-5 small.png Large

9c: Miwiki see curiously (Bright blue)[edit]

Miwiki logo5-1 small.png Large

9d: Miwiki see curiously (Strumph blue)[edit]

Miwiki logo5-1-3 small.png Large

9e: Miwiki push letter (Strumph Blue)[edit]

Miwiki logo5-1-2 small.png Large

10: Hyperflower by Eloquence (flower photo by Anthere)[edit]

This submission received 52 votes in the first round. There are variants of this logo, but none have been approved for the final voting round by the creator at this point.


larger version
XCF file with layers (Gimp)

11: Wikidove by Abi[edit]

This submission received 50 votes in the first round. Normally there would only be 10 finalists, but because this logo was briefly replaced (vandalized) with another one and therefore did not get as much "airtime" as all other logos, it is included for reasons of fairness. There are no variants of this logo.


Wikilogo sjkempff 230703.png



This logo is voted on as a single set; individual variants are not voted on.

English version (also used by many non-English wikis)[edit]

Esperanto version[edit]

Only visible if you use the standard skin -- the Esperanto wiki uses Cologne Blue by default.

Danish version[edit]

Dutch version[edit]



Spanish version[edit]

German variant[edit]


Polish version (AKA "the egg")[edit]

Romanian version[edit]

Swedish version[edit]

Interlingua version[edit]

Japanese version[edit]


Latin version:[edit]

Nupedia logo (used by most wikis running the old UseMod software)[edit]