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International logo contest/Ratification

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historical pages 2003 Wikipedia international logo contest (ratification of ballot results)
This was an international contest held from July 20 to August 27 2003, gathering 150 proposals. After the early proposal by Chuck Smith on October 12, 2002, the contest was first proposed on June 14, 2003 by Erik Moeller, who argued that the logo (adopted in January 2002 from the Logo suggestions) was unaesthetic, not international, and portrayed a text-only Wikipedia.

To make and suggest modifications to the winning logo to make it more widely appealing, please see International logo contest/Final logo variants.

All Wikipedias can choose not to adopt the winning logo (shown here; see International logo contest/Results for the contest results). The process is as follows: List your Wikipedia below, and add your yes or no vote. Wikipedias with fewer than 10 votes will automatically adopt the new logo.

Voting is now closed! The logo has been ratified by all Wikipedias. See this message for information on the further process.

The logo is already live on the English Wikipedia for demonstration purposes. If the English Wikipedia chooses not to ratify the new logo, it will be replaced with the old one [1] again. Please note that the current logo can always be optimized -- join the discussion and make proposals; anything which finds consensus can be used. Also note that any necessary internationalization will of course take place before the logo is used for your Wikipedia.

You have to be an editing member of the respective Wikipedia (at least 10 edits) to vote (again, you need a userpage on Meta which points to that account).

Arabic Wikipedia[edit]

  • نعم، يتبنّى الشعار الجديد (yes): Angela User:Stevertigo(with consensus modifications), Traroth
  • لا، لا تتبنّى الشعار الجديد (no):

Chinese Wikipedia[edit]

Dansk Wikipedia[edit]

Deutsche Wikipedia[edit]

Dutch Wikipedia[edit]

English Wikipedia[edit]



Esperanto Vikipedio[edit]

  • Yes, כן adopt the new logo:
  • No, לא don't adopt the new logo:Dod1 Nomd

(Not that it mattered - there are 2 active editors.)

  • Igen, legyen az j logo: grin Traroth
  • Nem, maradjon a jelenlegi logo:

Interlingua (ia.Wikipedia)[edit]

Inuktitut Wikipedia[edit]

  • ahala pibviriyauyok atjunguak nutaroyok :
  • ugiaqtaq pibviriyauyok atjunguak nutaroyok : user:zanimum

Japanese Wikipedia (ウィキペディア日本語版)[edit]

Korean Wikipedia (?? ????)[edit]

  • (Yes) ??
  • (No) ??

Polish Wikipedia[edit]

I think we should rather discuss the issue on the mailing list.

Romanian Wikipedia[edit]

  • Da, adoptam logo-ul nou:
  • Nu, nu adoptam logo-ul nou: Gutza

Russian Wikipedia - Русская Википедия[edit]

  • Yes, adopt the new logo - Да, принять новый логотип: Dr Bug(w/min.mods)
  • No, don't adopt the new logo - Нет, не принимать новый логотип:

Simple Wikipedia[edit]

Slovene Wikipedia[edit]

  • Da, privzamemo nov logotip: XJam
  • Ne, ne privzamemo novega logotipa:

Spanish Wikipedia[edit]

Swedish Wikipedia[edit]

Suomen Wikipedia[edit]

  • Kyllä, tämä uusi logo otetaan: Yhteens: (0)
  • Ei, emme halua ottaa uutta logoa: Yhteens: (0)
  • En osaa päättää, ei ole väliä, tai äänestän tyhjää muusta syystä: Cimon Avaro on a pogo stick homma kusee, mutta laitan nimen tnne, jotta ollaan lhempn 10:t nt. Yhteens. (1)

Welsh Wikipedia[edit]

  • Ie, mabwysiadwch y logo newydd: Traroth (Now, I have more than 10...)
  • Na, peidiwch mabwysiadu'r logo newydd: Arwel (not that it matters, we don't have 10 people who've done 10 edits!)