Interwiki map/discontinued

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The Interwiki map charts interwiki link prefixes, and is stored in the interwiki table of the database (see Help:Interwiki linking). If you wish to propose a new prefix, please do so on the talk page. Remember to specify why the prefix would be useful on a significant number of pages on Wikimedia Foundation projects.

This page lists "interwiki map" links that were used at a point of time, though the linked website has since disappeared, and to remove the links is problematic, and to keep the links is equally problematic, usually through a repurposed website.



  • freenode is an IRC/IRCS service that was widely used by WMF users per migrating to Libera Chat
  • Discontinued interwiki link as of June 2023 and added as a static pointer to this page. Links have not been removed from pages per the removal discussion relating to archival links. Current links can be amended per a community's wishes.
  • Discussion: special:permalink/25108827#Freenode