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Wikipedia Zero[edit]

After one year of continuous negotiations and meetings with the biggest Telecom operator in Iraq (Asiacell) which has more than 14 million subscribers inside Iraq, We've managed successfully to complete signing the Wikipedia Zero agreement between Wikimedia Foundation and Asiacell. During one year, we've faced so many stages of work.First we went through three detailed meetings with the marketing team of Asiacell in order to convince them about the value of Wikipedia Zero in a country facing economical issues and war as Iraq. We tried to inspire them by the success of South Africa case in details. Later one, we've got the initial verbal approval to go through details with the other related departments (Legal, Communication, PR and Technical). For the final approval, we had to submit the project to the CCO of Asiacell and we've managed successfully to get his approval to go on and get the agreement signed officially with Wikimedia Foundation. Thankfully the agreement was signed in November 2016. Currently, we are working collaboratively with communication team of Wikimedia foundation to finalize the video that will be used to promote the project in all media channels, and still discussing the final decisions regarding to the official ceremony of launching the project. It's worth mentioning that all above was done without getting any financial aid from the foundation at all, all the expenses were taken care of by the members of the usergroup.


  1. Before founding the user group, we've done successfully 3 workshops in city of Erbil to teach new volunteers, some of them helped later on in establishing the Iraqi Wikimedians User group.

These series of workshops had:

  • 25 new editors.
  • 15 females.
  • 628 new articles have been created.

One more workshop was funded personally as it was unplanned earlier, again in Erbil. We had one more workshop held in city of Baghdad.

  • The three workshops had very good results compared to what was expected. The results are mentioned in the grant report page.
  • The personal funded workshop had the below results:
"rolling_active_editor": 7, 
           "bytes_added": 228347.0, 
           "pages_edited": 81, 
           "pages_created": 56.0, 
           "existing_editors": 12"

The user names are recorded in here.

  • The workshop in Baghdad city details here.

Wikipedia Education Program[edit]

We've managed successfully to have the first introduction presentations in 2 universities as a beginning to finding out the best criteria that we can have as per the university circumstances.

Wikipedia Education Program Workshop- American University in Iraq - Sullaimaniya
Wikipedia Education Program Workshop- American University in Iraq- Sullaimaniya 2016
  • The first presentation was held in the American university in Sulaimaniya (AUIS) as mentioned in their website here. As they've got problem with the time, they've decided to do the introduction only and postpone the workshop later after the end of mid term exams.
  • The second presentation was held in Kurdistan University Hewler (UKH) in Erbil, the presentation was only for the academics and faculty member to see their response for getting engaged in Wikipedia Education Program. [1]