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06 August 2012[edit]

06 August 2012 Code Account Detail Cost Photo
Purpose Papat Limpad 2012 Committee Coordination at Semarang
  • Biaya konsumsi
Agustus 06 2012 Rapat Koordinasi Pelatih PL2012 di Paragon Semarang.jpg
Location Paragon Semarang
Address Semarang
ime 09.00-14.00 WIB
Total Rp. ---
  • Papat Limpad 2012 Writting Competition that is planned to be started at 27'th of August 2012 should be delayed until 17'th of September 2012, due to the Ramadan holiday at each participating universities.
  • Competition will be started after official visit of the committee to refresh the 'rule of the competition'.
  • Prior to the starting day, the committee would issue a list of eligible participant based on the activities during the training session and send the list to respective university.