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Javanese Language Wikipedia Revitalization Project 2012-2013/Report

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Fantastic Four Javanese Language Wikipedia Competition

Papat Limpad 2012 (English: Fantastic Four) is a seven months writing competition in the Wikipedia Basa Jawa (Javanese Language Wikipedia) + one month competition for French subject article in Javanese language Wikipedia. The purpose of this competition is to continue and expand the previous effort of revitalizing Javanese language Wikipedia in order to reach a critical mass of contributor so Javanese Language Wikipedia could grow healthily without intervention (previously the wikipedia is considered to be "barely alive").


File:April 09 2012 PL 2012.jpg
Project preparation meeting

Javanese language Wikipedia started in January 2003 and in mid-2006 experiencing an increase the number of regular contributors and experienced its golden age in the year 2008. However, the activity decreased after 2008 and again in mid-2006 where the number of regular contributor drops to only one to two contributors for two years consecutively. Before the first intervention in 2010, Javanese language Wikipedia was ranked 71 on the number of readers and visits (page views) and was seen by 1.2 million readers per month, after the first intervention in 2011 this number rose dramatically. Number of readers jump to 2.2 million readers, which brings the language to rank 68th.

Proposed solution[edit]

In November 2011, the Javanese language Wikipedia sysop Prasetyo , Ichsan Mochtar, and observers of the Java language Nunung Martina propose an initiative to repeat the project in 2011 for 2012 by using the same resources, it is also proposed based on project report that it should expand to six different universities focusing universities with faculties who Javanese language and cultural major. We also realize that based on the observations of all participants who successfully complete Limpad Papat competition for seven months, very few to none returned to edit in their militant fashion when there is no competition held. Even though some returned, their edits later is few.

Wikimedia Indonesia believes that numbers of very active contributors (> 100 edits per month) is more important than the number of readers, because the number of readers will follow later - and trying hard to be a contributor reaches a critical point so that the community can grow. The initiative are proposed with 20 contributors in mind who keep editing after the event took place. The largest funding allocation is put forward to train participants continuously for the competition in six universities. The same competition system will still be in used while introducing some modifications that give leeway to both participants and the committee since the funding allocation to pay committee is significantly reduced compares to last year project.

Actual activities[edit]

One of Javanese Language Wikipedia Training
Coordination meeting committee

Fundraising efforts to finance Limpad Papat 2012 begins when WMID Chairperson Siska Doviana approached representatives of Wikimedia Switzerland (WMCH), Rupert Thurner, and Thierry Coudray from Wikimedia France (WMFR) in February 2012 at Wikimedia Financial Meeting in Paris, France. This effort was continued and finalized by Kartika Sari Henry and Ivonne Kristiani on Wikimedia Chapters Meeting in Berlin, Germany in April 2012 for approval of funding totaling 7,400 Euros from two other chapters.

Meanwhile back in February, a meeting between Wikimedia Indonesia and Javanese language Wikipedia supporter is being held to decide the Director and the operational committee as well as fundamental things like incentives system and the kind of competition held as a basic for doing budgeting. The meeting decided incentive for participants in 2012 will compete for 4 (four) laptop and cash amounting to 500 Euros for a special article about France in language Javanese Language Wikipedia. Additionally, this year, the committee was equipped with 20 internet modem which would then be distributed to selected participants based on committee judgement as a motivation and basic infrastructure to contribute.

In April 2012 Wikimedia Indonesia Papat efforts Limpad 2012 begin with committee training in Jakarta to discuss this effort. After discussion it was decided that the 6th committee will continue as committee Papat Limpad. Due to insufficient funds to pay the committee proffesionally every month, it was decided that the payment is made using a system of 'bonus' after each round is completed.

Project Director Nunung Martina and her team of supporters (Prasetyo, Ichsan Mochtar, and Puryono) approached several universities in Jakarta, Semarang, and Yogyakarta, which has a faculty dedicated for Javanese Language and Culture. As a result six universities expressed interest to participate in the writing competition, namely PGRI Teachers' Training College (Semarang), Diponegoro University (Semarang), Gajah Mada University (Yogyakarta), University of Indonesia (Jakarta), State University of Semarang (Semarang) and Yogyakarta State University (Yogyakarta). Promotion tour and training was conducted in March-July 2012. Total number of participants who enter the competition were 332 participants consisting of; 88 participants from UNY, 83 participants of the Teachers' Training College PGRI, 44 participants from the University of Indonesia, 25 participants from UNDIP, and 47 participants from UGM.

In September 2012 the competition was officially launched, the training is ongoing until January 2013. The committee did trip visit to taught how to do wiki formatting in Semarang and Yogyakarta throughout the month of March 2012 - January 2013 to participants as their number continue to decline.

At the end of March 2013 Papat Limpad officially ended with a total of 2,800 articles were made for three months. Of four winners, three are from the State University of Yogyakarta; Nur Hanifah Insani, Nofi Andari, Doni Dwi Hartanto, and one comes from the Teachers' Training College PGRI Semarang; Atif Nur Cahyani. Announcement of winners is placed at page talks each participant and also announced via Wikimedia Indonesia's facebook.

In April 2013 Papat Limpad enters special competition with French topic. Based on Jury decision the winner is Chafid Ibnu Abdillah and the winning article is Bordeaux.

Papat Limpad 2012

What lessons were learned that could help others succeed in similar projects?[edit]

What went well. What did not go well. Would you do something differently if you did it again?

Went well[edit]

  1. As in 2011, the media coverage was also successful. Colleges representatives happy to see the name of their institution published in the media, the participants are satisfied because their efforts covered and known by the public, organizers pleased that the public is aware of the efforts being made.
  2. Papat Limpad Widespread efforts to other universities outside of Semarang, namely in Jakarta and Yogyakarta - strengthen the network of contributors Wikipedians outside Jakarta that meets regularly. Although this meeting is still funded by Wikimedia Indonesia, we hope that seeding people to met regularly, will make them continue to meet independently.
  3. The Euro 500 prize is very interesting, because it's different! It sounded "international" and prestigious for both organizers and participants.
  4. Outreach efforts and public awareness for Papat Limpad multiplied, if last year is only one university in Semarang, now it has attracted 300 participants to do their first time edits.
  5. Penetration effort this year manage to cover six universities in three cities so that the year 2012 marked the beginning of quality representative who understand how wikipedia works in different universities.
  6. As many as 20 modem granted to the participants to help them connect with the internet was dubbed especially helpful. However, the committee notes that this the modem placement may not be done on the right time because it is difficult to determine which participant continues and which one is not continuing in a very early stage of the match. Now efforts have been completed, they know better what is right and what should be done next time. But in general, they argue that the idea of giving the modem is very helpful in editing.

Didn't work[edit]

  1. Unlike last year where number of readers rose to 2.5 million readers, this year the number of readers fall on the point of 1.3 million readers. Nevertheless, the average number of readers still much better than "before the intervention".
  2. Unlike last year, there is no training conducted for project administration purpose. We thought the previous project training is enough and committee didn't need it anymore. As the administration and reports weaken we flew in Hendra Prastiawan to refresh and couch committee from Jakarta to Semarang.
  3. Just like last year, the increasing number of participant does not mean all the participants concerned about the development of the Javanese language. But this shows that they are quite "interested and curious".
  4. The biggest challenge to contributors is to write using "Javanese language" (cue: it's a spoken language and people are still struggling to write academic-like article with the language).

Next time, we do things differently[edit]

Since the effort for Javanese Language Wikipedia according to Wikimedia Indonesia is already being made in several locations, we are considering to further strengthen the "candidates" that already proven to be able to contribute on a regular basis for more than seven months - geographically - to spark their own ideas and effort without instruction from Wikimedia Indonesia.

Interesting findings[edit]

  1. The remaining participant who manage to stay in the competition until it finishes asks many questions about how to sustain and develop Javanese language Wikipedia. One of the participants from UNDIP asks whether idealism in creating article should be put aside first and in order to increase readership Javanese language Wikipedia should have more "popular" articles like movie stars, singer, and soccer players. This question is prompt when the readership statistic in Javanese language Wikipedia from last year compared to this year was shown to them. As an answer, statistics shows that although it is true that popular article jumped when there was a particular issue or a particular musician/ singers/ TV stars died, but this is only temporary. Top 100 wikipedia article on the Javanese language in 2010 showed that the most read articles is still an article about Javanese Ceremony, Macapat and internet.
  2. Participants felt the committee is not too effective in patrolling the participant's work.
  3. Almost all complained about the difficulty of getting a referral in Indonesian about Javanese culture via the internet.
  4. Participants felt the prize (laptops) is the right prize, also to bring Christian Sugiono, and they promised to give input on other ideas on how to revitalized the Javanese language Wikipedia after the competition.
  5. Based on statistics, Papat Limpad efforts have put the number of contributors of Javanese language Wikipedia in the map. From the total numbers contributors in any language Wikipedia from Indonesia, as many as 6.7 percent contribute to Javanese Language Wikipedia, however this number doesn't reflect on the total readership coming from Indonesia.

Project Goal[edit]

Planned goal[edit]

  1. Extending the reach of Wikimedia Indonesia's project participation in Javanese language Wikipedia to native areas (and cities) where the population still speaks Javanese language is the mother tongue (in Semarang and Yogyakarta).
  2. Significant increase of contributors and new editors that could contribute in Javanese language and capable of writing very good quality articles.


  1. Papat Limpad 2012 repeat the success of last year effort by boosting the amount of very active contributors (> 100 edits / month) for up to 11 people (on average) for 12 months until the end of the competition in March 2013 (before the intervention is very active contributor to the number 2 person per month)
  2. All participants Papat Limpad in 2012 contributed over 2,800 articles during training and the match went on.
  3. Also successful is the number of media coverage occurred at launch until closing.

Thank you[edit]

Wikimedia France[edit]

Thierry Coudray Wikimedia France Executive Director 2012. For his passion, interest, and idea contribution on additional 500 Euros for French topic winner.

Wikimedia Swiss[edit]

  1. Rupert Thurner - who agrees on the concept and leave notes to keep the amount low, and every month asks about the project progress :-)
  2. Charles Anders - for believing in the project and help funding it.

Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta[edit]

For helping us funded the closing up event of Papat Limpad in UNY Hotel on June 8, 2013 and creating a room for discussion.

The Committee who worked hard[edit]

  1. Sigit Adhi Wibowo (Semarang)
  2. Ihda Faradisa (Semarang)
  3. Nurul Baitirohmah (Semarang)
  4. Elok
  5. Chafid Ibnu (Bojongbata)

Wikimedia Indonesia Board of Trustees[edit]

  1. Prasetyo (Jakarta)
  2. Ichsan Mochtar (Jakarta)

Project Director and Deputy Director[edit]

  1. Nunung Martina (Jakarta)
  2. Puryono (Blora)


  1. Hendra Prastiawan (volunteer - admin training and project financial management)
  2. Free Your Knowledge Ambassador Christian Sugiono for his superstar effort and get the project the attention it desperately need.

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Papat Limpad and Euro 500 Winners Posed with Christian Sugiono

Papat Limpad 2012[edit]

See competition score table for complete scoring.

  1. Nur Hanifah Insani - UNY
  2. Nofi Andari - UNY
  3. Doni Dwi Hartono - UNY
  4. Nur Cahyani Atif Nur Cahyani - IKIP PGRI Semarang

Euro 500[edit]

  1. Chafid Ibnu - UNNES

Detail of expenditure[edit]

Please go to Papat Limpad Financial Report for details of expenditures.