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Welcome, this is a guide to joining us[edit]

Free image from Wikimedia Commons: a database of 13,502,778 freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute.

Here are the steps to becoming a Planning Wikimedia Ghana community member or a Wikimedian:

1. Kindly create a Wikipedia Account (recommended) which can be used on ALL Wikimedia Project Websites.

2. Please enlist your name above.

3. Learn more about how to become a Wikimedian Contributor - It takes only few minutes. Start here: Wikipedia Help

4. Subscribe to our mailing list - wikimedia-gh@lists.wikimedia.org - by simply sending an email stating your wish to join the mailing list and you'll be added by an admin as soon as possible.

5. You're welcome on board! Help expand any article you've got knowledge about on Wikipedia.org or any other project site of the Wikimedia Foundation.

6. Thank you for joining. We're currently discussing a project; you're welcome to join in.

You're free to contact us via email[edit]


Or leave a message here[edit]

Go to the Message/DIscussion Page

Please Note[edit]

We've got lots of nationwide projects on our drawing boards, and we're glad to have you as a potential team member of which you're just seconds away.

Also Wikimedia is all about wikis and wikis are all about contributing, editing and using information. So Contribute! Edit! Use!