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Karavali Wikimedians/Reports/2022

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Karavali Wikimedians User Group

Karavali Wikimedians User Group (KWUG) is a group of Wikimedians who will be working mainly on Tulu, Kannada, and Konkani language Wikipedias and other Wikimedia projects. Anyone who is willing to work on these areas can become a member of this group.

Karavali Wikimedians User Group is dedicated to working for the Wikimedia (Free Knowledge) movement in the Indian languages used in coastal Karnataka and northern part of Kerala State of India.

Karavali Wikimedians User Group Report 2022-23


  1. Karavali Wikimedians/Meetups/Online Meetup-2, Apr 06, 2022
  2. Karavali Wikimedians/Meetups/Online Meetup-3, May 26, 2022
  3. Karavali Wikimedians/Meetups/Online Meetup-4, 11th July, 2022
  4. Karavali Wikimedians/Meetups/Karavali Wikimedians - Wikimedia 2030 movement strategy Meetup, Aug 04, 2022, Mangaluru
  5. Karavali Wikimedians/Meetups/Canara College - 1, December 02, 2022, Canara College, Mangaluru
  6. Karavali Wikimedians/Meetups/Online Meetup 5, December 11, 2022, Mangaluru
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  9. Karavali Wikimedians/Meetups/Canara College - Jan 2023, 06 January 2023, Mangaluru

Events (Editathons & Outreach)[edit]

  1. Karavali Wikimedians/Events/Library Shifting, Mangaluru, 08 April 2022
  2. Karavali Wikimedians/Events/Conclave seminar, Mangaluru, 06 August 2022
  3. Karavali Wikimedians Wikimania 2022, Aug 13, 2022, Mangaluru
  4. International Cultural Jamboree, 21-27 December 2022
  5. Movement Charter Discourses


  1. Research project on effectiveness of Wikipedia in education as a platform of improving the cognitive ability among students

Wikipedia Student Association Activities[edit]

  1. St Aloysius College Wikipedia Association 2021-22. The details are here.


Karavali Wikimedians User Group collaborates with the following institutes and user groups-

  1. Sri Ramakrishna Pre-University College
  2. St.Aloysius College(Autonomous), Mangalore
  3. Canara College, Mangalore
  4. Alva's College, Moodabidri

Media reports[edit]