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Kimberley edit-a-thon

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The Kimberley edit-a-thon was organised by WikimediaZA in partnership with the Kimberley Public Library book club to recruit new editors, increase positive perceptions of Wikimedia and raise awareness about content gaps that exists on Wikipedia about the rich historical significance of Kimberley.

Kimberley Editathon Programme


Kimberley has rich history dating back from the late 1800 attributed to when the first diamonds were discovered. Kimberley is also the first town to integrate the first electric street lights into its infrastructure in the Southern Hemisphere and having the first stock exchange in Africa, yet all of this history and more is not included on Wikipedia.


The expense sheet for the event can be viewed here.

Event Theme[edit]

The theme was Kimberley. The goal was to create and articles about historical sites mentioned on [Kimberley] Wikipedia article.

Notes/Outcomes of the event[edit]

  • The event allowed participants to come and go as they wished, and there were about 20 participants who were made up of Library staff, book club members and the general public.
  • Half of the participants were using smartphones to create and edit articles while the other half had laptops.
  • A quarter of the participants have an idea of how Wikipedia works although they never edited.
  • Participants emails and usernames were taken to monitor their engagement with Wikipedia and contentiously support them.
  • An article about the event was published by a local newspaper which can be viewed here

Some of the pictures can be viewed below[edit]