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This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
Knowledge Base
Status of the proposal
Statusunder discussion
Details of the proposal
Project descriptionKnowledge Base is a digital memory and a semantic search engine. In Knowledge Base you can save items from wikidata and dbpedia to your profile and you can do semantic searches like 'list of middle eastern instruments'. It also provides a gui for adding properties to entities. The aim of making Knowledge Base part of Wikimedia is to enrich semantic web and present new ways for utilizing Wikipedia.
Is it a multilingual wiki?Multilingual in the future
Potential number of languagesMultilingual in the future
Proposed taglinesemantic web
Proposed URLhttp://semanticspace.io
Technical requirements
New features to requireSemantic enrichment tools

Knowledge Base aims to present users semantic search in the most convenient way. It is enriched by Wikidata and Dbpedia. The main feature to be developed is to able to answer queries like 'list of middle easterns instruments' or 'prime ministers of Israel' in an exact manner. Another important feature of Knowledge Base is that it makes it possible to users to save Wikipedia items to their profile(memory) with desired topics/categories/subcategories. So it serves as a digital memory. It also has graph visualizations for presenting the relations between saved items or topic maps for individual items. It is also a social network. You can follow other users, see what they saved to their profile in your feed, browse their profile and share items and informative videos about items. The motto of Knowledge Base is 'Knowledge is a social experience, let's share!'. Finally, it has a 'Study' page where you can review the items you saved into your memory similar to the flashcard app 'Anki'.

TO-DO for the project is to enrich semantic web data so that semantic search gives desirable results. By presenting an enjoyable application, what we expect from users is from time to time, adding some non-existing properties/relations to entities so that the semantic web and our search improves. It's also possible to extract data from various sources and present those properties as 'candidates' so that users can validate them.

A mobile e-book reader project is also started which is connected to Knowledge Base. In the app, users can select texts and see the entity of the selection. In the future, it is possible to process these books and extract structured data from them.

Project is now online at http://semanticspace.io. You can signup and try it for yourselves. 'Search/Home' page doesn't work right now and 'Graph' page is experimental. You can add topics/categories/subcategories in Memory page and search for entities and add them to your memory.

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Cuneyt Tyler

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Semantic Space

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