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This is part of LSS, a mailing list summary service. It is a summary of foundation-l. Most posts whose authors are named have links to the full e-mail in the archive. However not every post is archived and the archive itself is so unstable that the urls will periodically be reassigned breaking the links in this summary. While edits to correct inaccuracies are welcome, changes to style or focus should first be discussed on the talk page. Decisions on whether to refer to people by their Wikipedia handle or their email name is arbitrary and may not be completely internally consistent. Some genders may be accidentally incorrect.Incorrect or not, this standard is used all around the net, for business or projects.

This issue covers (roughly) 2007 June 18-24


  • [1] Pierre Beaudouin sent a mail to inform the community the MILSET-Europe is organising an European photos contest. Submissions are open till 1st July 2007.
  • [2] Anthony DiPierro Answered Anthere's mail about the Whistleblower Policy. He says this policy is leaving the Executive Director and Board Chair as the ultimate authority. Anthony also mentions the employees must fullfill the complain with the ED or the Board chair is disturbing.