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Language committee/Archives/2008-09

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Delete bulk requests by non-speaker[edit]

Several requests created by a user who did not speak the languages were deleted.

  1. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    02 September 2008 00:28

    <this user has not agreed to public archival.>

  2. Jesse Plamondon-Willard (Pathoschild)
    02 September 2008 01:31

    He's not the first to do this. Agreed, although we should use a polite delete reason to avoid discouraging any future legitimate requesters for those languages.

Bot criteria concerning localization[edit]

GerardM complained about the status page update bot removing 'done' for localization when the requirement is no longer met.

  1. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    12 September 2008 04:17

    <this user has not agreed to public archival.>

  2. Jesse Plamondon-Willard (Pathoschild)
    12 September 2008 11:18

    The bot considers localization done if there are less than 10 messages untranslated or fuzzy. That can easily be set to any other number or logic.

Wikipedia Pontic[edit]

No decision was taken on the request for a Pontic Wikipedia.

  1. Jesse Plamondon-Willard (Pathoschild)
    14 September 2008 05:30


    The Pontic Wikipedia seems to be ready for approval. The language is eligible, the required localization is complete, and the test project shows consistent activity. If there's no objection, I'll push it through the usual approval process.

    < http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Language_subcommittee/Status/wp-pnt >

  2. Jon Harald Søby
    14 September 2008 06:11


  3. Sabine Cretella
    14 September 2008 06:30

    :-) (sorry - I am down-under with work like always ... well in the end that's good)

  4. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    15 September 2008 06:01

    <this user has not agreed to public archival.>

  5. Jesse Plamondon-Willard (Pathoschild)
    CC Sue Gardner (Executive Director), Cary Bass (Volunteer Coordinator)
    21 September 2008 08:17


    We (the language subcommittee) recommend the approval of the Pontic Wikipedia, which has an active community and meets all the requirements for approval. You can find more information on its status page at < http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Language_subcommittee/Status/wp-pnt >, which collects the relevant information and links. As previously agreed, this request will be approved if there are no objections within four days.

  6. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    22 September 2008 02:24

    <this user has not agreed to public archival.>

  7. Shanel Kalicharan (Shanel)
    22 September 2008 02:43

    After googling for a few minutes, I can't find anyone immediately obvious who appears to have studied it or who speaks it. I have a feeling it would prove difficult without finding someone who knows someone etc. Or, if you can figure out what this link from the proposal is supposed to be, you could see if there's anyone in there who didn't edit the test project.

Le grand nettoyage[edit]

Pathoschild notified the subcommittee of a thorough cleanup and updating of current requests and status pages. (Le grand nettoyage is French meaning "the great cleanup".)

  1. Jesse Plamondon-Willard (Pathoschild)
    14 September 2008 09:08


    I just finished a thorough cleanup of the requests and status pages partially using Pathosbot, as detailed below. There were 504 requests (of which 34 open and 112 verified as eligible) and 157 status pages. All the issues listed below, except for Wikipedia Maithili, have been fixed.

    ==Request pages==

    • 1 request rejected as extinct: Wikipedia Middle Dutch.
    • 2 requests rejected as non-unique/no-code: Wikipedia British English, Wikipedia Common Czech.
    • 15 requests deleted as invalid (including bulk requests by a user who does speak the language): Wikipedia Awngi, Wikipedia Balkan Romani language, Wikipedia Bench, Wikipedia Blin, Wikipedia Cyrilic Swedish, Wikipedia Hadiyya, Wikipedia Harari, Wikipedia Jèrriais, Wikipedia Kambaata, Wikipedia Me'en, Wikipedia Sebat Bet Gurage, Wikipedia Sidamo, Wikipedia Southern Yukaghir, Wikipedia Tigre, Wikipedia Xamtanga.
    • 11 requests deleted as never completed and never listed: Bri Bri, Jèrriais Wikibooks, Wikinews Estonian, Wikipedia Azeri turkish, Wikipedia Cumbric, Wikipedia Darija, Wikipedia Hessisch, Wikipedia Tibetan, Wikipedia Transamerican French Standard, Wikiquote Jersey Norman, Wiktionary Filipino language.
    • 37 unneeded redirects deleted: Aeres Wikipedia, Basque Wikisource, British English, Erzya Wikipedia, Greenlandic Wikibooks, Hessisch, Ladino Wikipedia, Latinized Russian, Latinized Russian, Maithili, Multilingual Wikibooks, Newspeak Wikitionary, Occitan, Picard, Ruhrdeutsch, Sakha language, Saterland Frisian Wikipedia, Wikibook Gilaki, Wikipedia /Southern Min written with Hanji, Wikipedia Baluchi, Wikipedia Meadow Mari, Wikipedia Megleno-Romanian language, Wikipedia Morisyen, Wikipedia Rinaconda, Wikipedia Sign, Wikipedia Silesian German, Wikipedia Tupi, Wikipedia Urofarsi, WIKIPEDIA Westfälisch, Wikiquote Aragones, Wikisource Ben Gali, Wikisoure Baluchi, Wiktionary Egyptian Arabic, Wiktionary Haitian Creole, Wiktionary Lozi language, Wiktionary Moroccan, Wiktionay Moroccan.
    • 1 request deleted as duplicate: Pontic Wikipedia.


    • 9 open requests not listed on RFL (excluding deleted): Wikipedia British English, Wikipedia Common Czech, Wikipedia Finnish Sign Language, Wikipedia Lebanese, Wikipedia Libyan Arabic, Wikipedia Middle Dutch, Wikipedia Pannonian Rusyn, Wikipedia Sudanese Arabic, Wikiversity Slovak.
    • 6 requests closed with dated signature: Wikipedia Cyrillic Polish, Wikipedia Ruhrdeutsch, Wikipedia Simple German 2, Wikipedia Ukrainian Latin, Wikiversity Italian 2, Wiktionary Newspeak.
    • 3 requests closed without comment: Wikipedia Coptic 2, Wikipedia Egyptian Arabic, Wikipedia West Frisian (creole).
    • 2 requests linking to nonexistent status pages: Wikipedia Coptic 2, Wikipedia Frankish.
    • 1 request with no header: Wikipedia Punjabi in Shahmukhi Script.
    • 1 request with invalid template parameters: Wikipedia Traditional Greek.
    • 1 request closed by a non-langcom-member: Wikipedia Balkan Romani language.
    • 0 status mismatches between requests and status pages.


    • substituted {{support}}, {{a favor}}, and {{oppose}}. These have displayed as plain text on requests for new languages since early 2007.
    • removed <noinclude>/<includeonly>/<onlyinclude> tags, which were left over after we stopped transcluding full request text on the main page. These were originally added to reduce the overall size of the main page by hiding discussion.
    • normalized header levels, which were very inconsistent (being from various previous systems).
    • minor header, list, and indentation formatting tweaks.

    ==Status pages==

    • localization status done if <11 messages unlocalized.
    • checked if first wiki, and marked localization as optional as appropriate.
    • test project activity done if >=3 editors per month for two months.
    • 97 pages with no progress since last update: wb/glk, wb/glk, wb/jv, wb/li, wn/am, wn/et, wn/eu, wn/glk, wn/hi, wn/jv, wn/ku, wn/la, wn/lt, wn/ms, wn/nds, wn/sl, wn/sq, wn/tl, wp/ace, wp/aln, wp/ary, wp/ase, wp/bcc, wp/bqi, wp/bto, wp/cnh, wp/drt, wp/frc, wp/hil, wp/inh, wp/kri, wp/krj, wp/krl, wp/lez, wp/lfn, wp/lfn, wp/mai, wp/mhr, wp/mwl, wp/mwv, wp/niu, wp/ors, wp/pcd, wp/pfl, wp/pko, wp/plm, wp/pnt, wp/rif, wp/rmn, wp/rtm, wp/ruq, wp/sei, wp/shi, wp/sli, wp/slr, wp/sma, wp/tcy, wp/ttt, wp/tzm, wp/wep, wp/xmf, wp/yrl, wq/an, wq/glk, wq/ht, wq/ms, wq/qu, ws/an, ws/cdo, ws/eu, ws/ms, ws/nds, ws/non, ws/sq, ws/vo, wt/arc, wt/arz, wt/bcl, wt/glk, wt/ht, wt/kab, wt/lad, wt/new, wt/nso, wt/pih, wt/pjt, wt/sco, wt/se, wt/sma, wt/zea, wv/bg, wv/glk, wv/ht, wv/ko, wv/nl, wv/sv, wv/tr.
    • 12 pages not updated because request closed: wn/cs, wn/fi, wp/arz, wp/bcl, wp/hif, wp/myv, wp/szl, wp/yux, ws/li, wv/cs, wv/ja, wv/ja.
    • 22 pages regressed localization requirements ("done" -> "not done"): wb/raj, wn/li, wp/gag, wp/njo, wp/nso, wp/ota, wp/pdt, wq/bn, wq/oc, ws/hi, ws/loz, ws/vec, ws/vec, wt/gan, wt/jut, wt/loz, wt/yrl, wv/ca, wv/fa, wv/fi, wv/hu, wv/pl.
    • 8 pages progressed localization requirements ("not done" -> "done"): wn/fa, wq/qu, ws/grc, ws/oc, ws/sah, wt/hif, wv/fa, wv/he.
    • 1 page both regressed and progressed localization requirements: wn/fa.


    • 44 pages with invalid values: wb/mul, wn/fi, wp/drt, wp/frc, wp/gag, wp/hil, wp/inh, wp/kri, wp/krj, wp/lfn, wp/mai, wp/myv, wp/ors, wp/ota, wp/pfl, wp/pko, wp/plm, wp/rmn, wp/rtm, wp/ruq, wp/sei, wp/shi, wp/sma, wp/tzm, wq/bn, wq/glk, wq/ht, wq/qu, ws/cdo, ws/nds, ws/vo, wt/bcl, wt/glk, wt/ht, wt/kab, wt/new, wt/nso, wt/pjt, wt/sco, wt/se, wt/sma, wt/zea, wv/he, wv/nl.
    • 10 pages with ISO 639-3 code needed but not specified: wn/cs, wn/jv, wn/ms, wn/sl, wq/oc, ws/eu, ws/hi, ws/sq, wt/ht, wv/nl.
    • 1 page with invalid parameters: wv/nl.