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Prior to April 2013, the discussions of the language committee happened on a private mailing list. From 2006-2010, discussions from the mailing list were copied to this page, excluding comments from users who disagreed with public archival. Afterwards, monthly reports, summarizing the discussions were sent out. Since April 2013, the discussions happen on a public mailing list archived at mailarchive:langcom.
Language committee
Language committee
Language committee
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  • September 2006
    approved:subcommittee creation, charter proposal.
  • October 2006
  • November 2006
    rejected:policy, creation of a subcommittee wiki.
    other / no change:Wikipedia Montenegrin.
  • December 2006
    rejected:all old requests.
    other / no change:Pathoschild joins the subcommittee, GerardM promises a new policy draft.


  • January 2007
    approved:GerardM-Pathoschild draft.
  • February 2007
    cond. approved:Wikipedia Kabyle, Wikibooks Sindhi.
    rejected:Wikipedia Set English.
    other / no change:roll call (all members active).
  • March 2007
    approved:Wikipedia Kabyle.
    Belorusian Wikipedia split, message archival (except GerardM and Karen), scope, processing method, need for localization, private mailing list.
    other / no change:miscellaneous discussions on a private blog post by a subcommittee member, lack of progress and sensitive wikis.
  • April 2007
    approved:Wikipedia Kabyle, Wikisource Tamil.
    approve projects without explicit board approval, merge subcommittee wiki into Meta and delete, create langcom-l.
    cond. approved:Wikipedia Ao, Wikipedia Crimean Tatar 2, Wikipedia Hakka, Wikipedia Kinaray-a 2, Wikipedia Lower Sorbian 2, Wikipedia Sakha.
    rejected:Wikibooks Sindhi, Wikipedia Algero-Moroccan Arabic, Wikipedia Awngi, Wikipedia Bench, Wikipedia Blin, Wikipedia European Portuguese, Wikipedia Hadiyya, Wikipedia Harari, Wikipedia Kambaata, Wikipedia Karakalpak 2, Wikipedia Me'en, Wikipedia Montenegrin 2, Wikipedia Phoenician, Wikipedia Quiché, Wikipedia Sebat Bet Gurage, Wikipedia Sidamo, Wikipedia Tigre, Wikipedia traditional Greek, Wikipedia Xamtanga, Wikisource Ben Gali, Wikiversity Swedish.
    require approval for test projects.
    other / no change:Wikipedia American Sign Language.
    Pathoschild resigned.
  • May 2007
    approved:Wikipedia Hakka 2, Wikiversity Italian 2.
    new members join (Shanel, Arria Belli, Aksi great, and Tangotango).
    cond. approved:Wikibooks Javanese 2, Wikipedia Rotuman.
    rejected:Wikipedia Eurofarsi, Wiktionary Newspeak.
    other / no change:Wikipedia Karelian 2, Wikipedia Latgalian 2, Wikiversity Turkish 2.
  • June 2007
    cond. approved:Wikipedia Cajun French, Wikipedia Extremaduran, Wikipedia Ingush, Wikipedia Gan, Wikipedia Pökoot, Wikipedia Rotuman, Wiktionary Upper Sorbian.
    rejected:Wikipedia Insubric, Wikipedia Mandika, Wikipedia South Korean, Wikipedia Värmlandic, Wikipedia West Frisian, Wiktionary Zazaki.
    other / no change:Wikipedia Archaic Japanese 2, Wikipedia Bungo, Wikipedia Karelian, Wikipedia Korean Hanja, Wikipedia Ottoman Turkish, Wikipedia Niuean, Wikipedia Palatinate German 2, Wikipedia Palembang, Wikipedia Southern Sami, Wikisource Belorussian.
  • July 2007
    cond. approved:Wikipedia Cajun French, Wikipedia Ingush, Wikisource Volapük, Wikisource Armenian, Wiktionary Upper Sorbian.
    rejected:Wikibooks Greenlandic, Wikipedia Bulu, Wikipedia Mandika, Wiktionary Zazaki.
    other / no change:Wikibooks Rajasthani, Wikinews Kurdish, Wikinews Tagalog, Wikipedia Coptic 2, Wikipedia Classical Mongolian, Wikipedia Niuean, Wikisource Min Dong 2, Wikiversity Japanese, Wikiversity Korean, Wiktionary Creole Haitian, Wiktionary Kabyle, Wiktionary Nepal Bhasa 2, Wiktionary Northern Sotho, Wiktionary Scots.
  • August 2007
    rejected:Wikipedia West Frisian, Wikipedia Latinized Russian.
    other / no change:Wikipedia Sahkan.
  • September 2007
    approved:Pathoschild rejoins, archival permissions from new members.
    cond. approved:Wikiquote Limburgish.
    other / no change:Wikipedia Kinaray-a, Wikipedia Korean Hanja, Wikipedia Latgalian, Wikipedia Sassarese.
  • October 2007
    approved:Wikiquote Limburgish, Wikisource Armenian.
    cond. approved:Wikipedia Pontic, Wikisource Armenian, Wikisource Volapük.
    rejected:Wikipedia Latgalian, Wikipedia Ottoman Turkish 2.
    other / no change:Wikipedia Bikol, Wikipedia Seri, Wikipedia Tachelhit, Wikiquote Limburgish, Wikisource Min Dong, Wikiversity Greek.
    conditional approvals without notifying subcommittee, policy change, deregulate localization, archives updated, import Novial localization, update on Multilingual MediaWiki.
  • November 2007
    approved:Wikinews Finnish, Wikipedia Lower Sorbian, Wikiquote Breton, Wikiversity Greek.
    rejected:Wikipedia Classical Japanese, Wikipedia Hantec, Wikipedia Russian, Wikispecies Simple English.
    other / no change:Wikipedia British English, Wikipedia Central Morocco Tamazight, Wikipedia Hanja, Wikipedia Jeju, Wikipedia Moldovan, Wikipedia Orang Seletar, Wikisource Volapük.
    organization and new pages.
  • December 2007
    approved:Wikipedia Crimean Tatar, Wikipedia Saterland Frisian.
    cond. approved:Wikipedia Sranan Tongo.
    rejected:control localization of MediaWiki.
    other / no change:Wikipedia Extremaduran, Wikisource Low Saxon.
    Tajikistan wiki subdomain change, one subcommittee member does all the work, new projects in general, batch conditional approvals, code conflict between Alemannic Wikipedia and Tosk.


  • January 2008
    approved:Wikinews Hungarian, Wikipedia Extremaduran, Wikipedia Coptic.
    increase localization requirements, rename "conditional approval" to "verified".
    cond. approved:Wikibooks Gilaki, Wikinews Gilaki, Wikinews Limburgish, Wikiquote Gilaki, Wikiversity Gilaki, Wiktionary Pitjantjatjara.
    rejected:Wikinews Simple English, Wikipedia High Norwegian, Wikipedia Jeju, Wikipedia Shakhordoy, Wikipedia Värmlandic.
    do not mark localisation requirements as completed on status pages.
    other / no change:Wikipedia Karakalpak 2, Wikipedia Sakha, Wikipedia Sassarese, Wikipedia Sranan Tongo, Wikisource Coptic, Wiktionary Aramaic, Wiktionary multilingual.
    constructed languages, statistics and policies, Lingua Franca Nova test project, technical reforms.
  • February 2008
    approved:Wikipedia Erzya, Wikipedia Gan, Wikiversity Japanese.
    rejected:Wikipedia Norn.
    other / no change:Wikipedia Algero-Moroccan Arabic, Wikipedia Sranan Tongo.
    summary of recent closures.
  • March 2008
    approved:Wikinews Czech, Wikipedia Silesian.
    verified:Wikipedia Mari.
    rejected:Wikipedia Drents, Wikipedia Ruhrdeutsch, Wikispecies Macedonian, Wikisource Middle Dutch, several requests from a single non-speaker.
    other / no change:Occitan ISO 639-3 change, creation of approved wikis.
  • April 2008
    approved:Wikinews Czech, Wikipedia Karakalpak, Wikipedia Moksha, Wikipedia Sakha, Wikipedia Sranan Tongo, Wikiversity Portuguese, Wikisource Venetian.
    rejected:Wikipedia Surzhyk.
    policy for constructed and historical languages, change Persian requests from 'fa' to 'pes' language code.
    other / no change:Wikisource Venetian.
    require expert verification of test project content, moratorium on wiki creation, status page upgrades (language crosslinking, error tracking), removal of Timichal's mailing list access.
  • May 2008
    approved:Wikinews Czech, Wikipedia Fiji Hindi, Wikipedia Karakalpak 3, Wikipedia Moksha, Wikipedia Sakha, Wikipedia Silesian, Wikipedia Sranan Tongo 2, Wikisource Limburgish, Wikiversity Czech, Wikiversity Portuguese.
    Exempt established languages from verification.
    verified:Wikipedia Westphalian.
    other / no change:Non-Latin URLs.
  • June 2008
  • July 2008
    other / no change:Wikipedia Egyptian Arabic.
  • August 2008
    verified:Persian Wikinews.
    other / no change:Constructed languages, Change requirement for "native speakers" to "fluent expression", Gerard acting without informing subcommittee.
  • September 2008
    rejected:bulk requests by non-speaker.
    other / no change:Wikipedia Pontic.
    Bot criteria concerning localization, le grand nettoyage.
  • October 2008
    other / no change:Community draft.
  • November 2008
    approved:remove inactive members.
    rejected:Wikinews Latina, Wiktionary Muisca, Wikipedia Lingua Franca Nova.
    other / no change:Wikinews Persian, Wikipedia American Sign Language, Wikipedia Tarifit.
    Organization or advocacy group for language issues, glitch in analysis script, subcommittee dissatisfaction, subcommittee activity statistics.
  • December 2008
    approved:Wikipedia Pontic, Wikiversity Finnish.
    Induct Evertype, Millosh.
    verified:Wikiquote Western Panjabi.
    rejected:Wikipedia Old Georgian.
    other / no change:Wikinews Persian, Wikipedia Veps, Wiktionary Masry.
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