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Wikibooks Greenlandic & Rajasthani, Wikinews Kurdish & Tagalog, Wikipedia Bulu & Cajun French & Coptic & Ingush & Mandika & Classical Mongolian & Niuean, Wikisource Min Dong & Volapük & Armenian, Wikiversity Japanese & Korean, Wiktionary Haitian Creole & Kabyle & Nepal Bhasa & Northern Sotho & Scots & Zazaki[edit]

  1. Arria Belli (Maria Fanucchi)
    06 July 2007 19:54

    Hello all, In the lull before the storm (I move apartments on the 11th, Wednesday), I took another long look at the requests still open, some of which I've been reading up on whenever I could in the past few weeks. I hope this will help get things moving again, or at least start discussions on the requests.

    Before I start, I would like to point out Johannes Rohr's message on the requests talkpage ( ), in which he wonders if we could archive some of the recently closed requests so the page takes less time to load. I think he has a point, as besides the loading time, the page is a bit... messy. ^^

    Greenlandic Wikibooks - I would refuse the creation of this project. The Greenlandic Wikipedia has hardly any activity and very few articles, and there are no native speakers working on it or interested in the creation of a Greenlandic Wikibooks. The request has been open since early March.

    Rajasthani Wikibooks - Refuse. There is only one native speaker and no other project in this language. Perhaps they could start with a Wiktionary instead.

    Tagalog Wikinews - A bit divided over this one. The Tagalog Wikipedia doesn't seem too active, but the Wikinews proposal is intriguing.

    Kurdish Wikinews - Ah, a bit of a delicate issue. I'd say no, because even though it seems to have two interested native speakers, the Kurdish Wikipedia is not very active, though it does have thousands of (short) articles.

    Bulu Wikipedia - Refuse. No interest in months (request in January, nothing since then but a couple of comments), language in a region with little internet access, though it has 175k native and 800k second-language speakers.

    Cajun French Wikipedia - As I have said earlier, I'm definitely for supporting this project and would like it to be opened soon.

    Coptic Wikipedia - As stated by one of the people commenting on the request, perhaps a Wiktionary would be a better first step, or a Wikisource (there is a Coptic Wikisource proposal further down the requests page that seems to be very quiet).

    Ingush Wikipedia - Nearly no activity yet in the incubator, but I think we could let its main editor have some time to write, as he says he will this month.

    Mandinka Wikipedia - Refuse. No activity at all in the incubator, a language whose speakers have little access to the internet...

    Niuean Wikipedia - It would be nice if we could approve this request, but I'm not sure if there would be enough interest in the project.

    Classical Mongolian Wikipedia - It would be an interesting project, but the ISO code question is still a bit murky, as well as the question of which script they would use.

    Min Dong Wikisource - The proposal has been abandoned, it seems.

    Volapük Wikisource - Erm, a curious request, this one. A priori I'm not against it, as the Wikipedia and Oldwikisource seem to have at least one very dedicated contributor, but the amount of people speaking it is a bit low. ^^

    Armenian Wikisource - An interesting request. I would approve it, given the amount of work in the test wiki and the Armenian-language Wikipedia. (Aside: The Wikipedia logo on this wiki is a bit... nationalistic, I'd say.)

    Korean and Japanese Wikiversity - Both stalled, which does surprise me a bit, given the amount of internet connections in both countries. I am less surprised by the Turkish request, though I do hope it will get off the ground eventually.

    Haitian Creole Wiktionary - Living in a place with its own Creole, I wish this one could be approved, but as it is it's dead.

    Kabyle Wiktionary - Also very quiet, if not abandoned, and few interested contributors.

    Nepal Bhasa Wiktionary - Very interesting discussion on this request, but perhaps not enough interested contributors. The last time I checked the Wikipedia RC, the edits there consisted entirely of TXiKiBoT adding interwikis to pages on dates ([[August 15]], and so on).

    Northern Sotho Wiktionary - Seems dead, only one native speaker, language with very little internet access...

    Scots Wiktionary - Being something of a celtophile, I can't say I'm completely neutral on this request. ^^ But it does look like it would have enough users interested in working on it.

    Zazaki Wiktionary - I think we should close this one, as there seems to have been no interest from the requesters for months.

    Ahh, well... I said rather a lot, didn't I? Apologies for the long e-mail and for any painfully obvious n00b mistakes. -__-

  2. Shanel Kalicharan
    07 July 2007 02:54

    In my forgetfulness, I forgot to act on the actions I had previously proposed for some of the requests you mentioned. I think I proposed the same thing for them, though, so it's all good. Hopefully I'll remember to get around to it as soon as I feel better.

  3. Arria Belli (Maria Fanucchi)
    02 August 2007 19:33

    I've been having oodles of fun with many, many telephone and internet problems since I've moved. I'm taking advantage of the fact that France-Télécom has finally reconnected us to update this thread with some proposals to refuse certain projects. If I can (if the connection holds steady), I will later try a list of projects to accept.

    Wikibooks : Greenlandic, Rajasthani
    Wikipedias : Bulu, Coptic, Mandinka, Niuean
    Wikisources : Min Dong
    Wiktionaries : Haitian Creole, Kabyle, Nepal Bhasa, Northern Sotho, Zazaki

    Just to give the LangCom a bit of a kick-start. If nobody voices any opposition, I may very well close these in a week.

  4. Shanel Kalicharan
    03 August 2007 02:56

    I got around to a few of those. ;)

    On an unrelated note, I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow night, and I likely will not have internet access. Nikerabbit needs poking about the Upper Sorbian localization files; I've asked Pathoschild to poke him too on my behalf. And, uhh, the Upper Sorbian Wiktionary needs creation. :P Have fun everyone, and keep a lookout for my pony. O_O

Wiktionary Upper Sorbian[edit]

The request for an Upper Sorbian Wiktionary was approved.

  1. Shanel Kalicharan
    28 July 2007 06:01

    Hello all,

    Looking at Betawiki, I think all system messages have been translated for Upper Sorbian. At least, I didn't find any untranslated ones. Since this was the final requirement for creation of the Upper Sorbian Wiktionary, I think we can approve the project.

    Looking at other conditionally approved projects like Sakha Wikipedia, Lower Sorbian Wikipedia , Extremaduran Wikipedia, they've translated a lot. Yay! I think someone more familiar with Betawiki should take a look at the conditionally approved projects' progress, to see if I've missed if they translated all the necessary messages.

  2. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    28 July 2007 07:42

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  3. Shanel Kalicharan
    28 July 2007 16:37

    Upper Sorbian Wiktionary, not Wikipedia. :D

  4. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    28 July 2007 16:39

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