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This page contains the working group’s meeting notes and any other news or updates.

July 2022 Group meeting dates
  • July 7
  • July 15
  • July 20
  • July 29

In July, the working group focused on drafting a shared definition of leadership. Once drafted, this definition will be shared with the wider communities for input. To create this draft definition, the group reflected on the experiences and activities of their communities (their linguistic, geographic, project-based, and other communities). They told and analyzed stories to root their proposed definitions in real experiences. The group members discussed different terms associated with leadership, such as vision and empathy. They noticed that terms such as “resilience” and “empowerment” have different meanings and associations depending on one’s context. They reflected on the plurality of the Wikimedia movement -- there isn't just one "Wikimedia way" but rather different ways of working and interacting. In general, the group agreed that the definition of leadership must be considerate of these differences and allow for flexibility. The group went through a multiphase and iterative process to draft, align, and find consensus on a set of definitions. They worked in small groups and pairs to include their different perspectives and specific communities in the definition building. Their goal in this process was to ensure that the definition they drafted considered the nuance and relevance of the words included.

The group is in the last stages of agreeing on a set of definitions. This set of definitions includes a broad definition and additional sub-definitions. The broad definition provides a general description of leadership and the additional sub-definitions detail the particular qualities of leadership. This set of definitions will be shared with communities for input once the draft is finalized.

Ongoing work

The group is finalizing the draft definition and is creating a community outreach plan, which includes how they intend to invite feedback about the definition.

June 2022

Group meeting dates

  • June 3
  • June 10
  • June 17
  • June 24
  • June 30

The 15-member Leadership Development Working Group (or LDWG) met for the first time this month. The group met on a weekly basis and continued their discussions asynchronously through group chat and other working tools. The meetings and group chat were facilitated by the group’s facilitator, Jyotsna, with support from two interpreters, Andy (Spanish) and Anna (Russian), and two staff members from the Community Development team, Cassie and Beverly.

  • This month, the group focused on 3 areas: getting to know one another, setting up how the group works together, and agreeing on the group’s purpose, vision, and goals. The group also began sharing their perspectives and definitions of leadership based on their experiences in the movement. In the first meeting, members of the group shared their excitement to be working together and working on leadership development. There was much appreciation and respect for the diversity of the group and the multilingual support available. Members of the group saw the importance of the different perspectives and communities represented in the group. There was consensus that supporting leadership development is important for the future of the movement.

The working group is using consent-based decision-making to guide their decisions The group also recognizes that decisions are iterative and subject to change based on new information.

  • Group work - group members agreed on the purpose of the synchronous and asynchronous time. Due to timezone differences, accessibility reasons, and busy schedules, group members decided that in order to make progress and give everyone the chance to participate, the asynchronous time will be spent drafting ideas, researching, writing, and thinking on one’s own or in small groups. The synchronous sessions will be spent debating, asking questions, building consensus, making decisions, and building trust and connectedness within the group.
  • Purpose - the group asked the question: why are we here? Members agreed on these answers as their common purpose:
    • "Because we believe that developing leadership leads to the decentralization of power and ensures diverse inclusion."
    • Because we want to make the movement a place where new, small, disadvantaged (emerging) groups and individuals who want to join and grow feel empowered to do so.
      • This includes women and other groups that have historically been underrepresented in leadership in the movement.
  • Vision - the group asked the question: what future do we want to see? Members agreed on this as their common vision:
    • "As a result of the Leadership Development Working Group's work, movement members across the Wikimediaverse have an understanding of leadership and how to nurture it in themselves, in others, and in their communities."
  • Goals - the group discussed and agreed on 3 goals of the working group:
    1. Draft a shared definition of leadership
    2. Create a leadership development plan
    3. Guide the implementation of leadership development

Ongoing work
The group will focus the next weeks on the first goal: drafting a shared definition of leadership.