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Initial Tracking and Reporting


Inputs are the tangible and intangible resources put into the program implementation process. They typically need to be represented in a way that they can be compared. For example, it can be difficult to compare a budget to the number of staff hours. Converting staff hours into money can help make these two comparable. Below are some examples of inputs and other measures that can help convert those inputs into money values.

  • Total money spent

  • Number of staff and staff hours invested
  • How were staff hours estimated? (e.g., Calendar records, staff records, other),
  • Value of Staff by the hour

  • Number of volunteers and volunteer hours invested
  • How were volunteer hours estimated? (e.g., Calendar records, volunteer self-estimate, program leader estimate, Other),
  • Value of Volunteer by the hour

Donated resources
  • Meeting Space
  • Materials/Equipment (e.g. laptops, paper, posters )
  • Food
  • Prizes and Giveaways (e.g. free tours, t-shirts)
  • Value of Donated Resources