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Types of Evaluation


Each of the five purposes of the team is tied to a very specific form of measuring. In addition, at the highest level there is a need to articulate a coherent evaluation strategy for management assessment, which involves an overlap of almost all the initiatives. These are not all to be done by the Grantmaking L&E team (e.g., the "Program Evaluation" section is the responsibility of the "program evaluation" team), but they will all be taken into account in the evaluation and learnings efforts of Grantmaking.

Type of information Associated purpose Audience Existing Example
1. Management Assessment

Overview of the entire program portfolio

All goals
  • Internal: Board/Management
2. Grantmaking Scope and Decision making

Basic decisions to monitor trends and assess specific grants scope future funding opportunities / partnership

Informing our grant-making (both current and future strategies)
  • Internal: Grantmaking team, Program managers
  • External: researcher communities
  • Proactive mapping of Global South
  • IdeaLab development and tracking
3. Process performance

How well we do our grantmaking

Assessing grant-making effectiveness
  • Internal: Grantmaking team;
  • External: Committees (FDC, GAC)
4. Organizational effectiveness

How effective are grantee partners in their decision-making and program impact?

Monitoring the effectiveness of our grants and portfolios GM team, Board, chapters and other partner organizations Management-level dashboard; Impact Reports; Set of benchmarking tools for projects/countries
5. Program effectiveness

Which programs throughout the movement are generating the highest levels of impact per inputs?

Monitoring the effectiveness of our grants and portfolios
  • INTERNAL: Grantmaking Team and Programs Evaluation & Design team
  • EXTERNAL: Movement affiliates; Committees (FDC, GAC)
6. Learnings across movement activities and programs

Case studies and lessons learned throughout the movement

Sharing relevant experiences and lessons within the team and community All movement affiliates Case studies; Blog posts; events