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Learning patterns/How to talk to educators about using Wikimedia in the classroom

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A learning pattern foreducation
How to talk to educators about using Wikimedia in the classroom
problemYou don't know what the best messages and strategies are to speak to an educator about using Wikimedia in the classroom.
solutionFocus on benefits to educators, tell success stories they can relate to and set expectations about the work that will be involved.
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created on00:42, 13 January 2015 (UTC)
status:in progress

What problem does this solve?[edit]

You have used learning patterns on choosing a program model and finding educators to work with to find potential partners for a classroom program. This learning pattern will cover best practices for demonstrating to educators how they can benefit from using Wikimedia in the classroom.

What is the solution?[edit]

An educator will want to know how they can benefit from giving students assignments on Wikimedia projects and what kind of support they will get to make the project successful.

  • Focus on benefits to educators: Focus on how using Wikimedia projects in the classroom will benefit teachers. You can find more information on the Education Portal on Outreach wiki.
  • Share local experiences: For many educators, hearing about classroom projects that have been successful in other countries may not work. Instead, share local success stories, or focus on how an education program could be successful in their context. Many educators also find the one-on-one support offered by program leaders to plan and teach the course attractive.
  • Set expectations: Talk to educators about what you can do for them and what they are expected to do. It may also be helpful to talk about time commitment necessary in the first course.
  • Offer to do a workshop for students so that they can see how interested students are before they commit to a classroom program.
  • Show educators the tools available on Wikimedia projects to track and evaluate students (such as the Education Extension and WikiMetrics).
  • Share research and media coverage about the benefits of using Wikimedia in the classroom.

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