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Learning patterns/OER creation using Wikibooks

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A learning pattern foreducation
OER creation using Wikibooks
problemOER creation using Wikibooks. Creation of free content textbook using Wikibooks
solutionCollaborative approach
created on06:07, 3 September 2015 (UTC)

What problem does this solve?[edit]

The learning pattern aims to provide academic descriptors, guidelines and suggestions for faculty members, course specialists, researchers, teachers, instructors and open textbook authors to utilize Wikibooks content as the main resources to create open textbook. The learning pattern uses example of computing courses with engagement of learning experiences and feedbacks from different stakeholders in Open Distance Learning (ODL) environment as one of the major components in the OER creation stages.

What is the solution?[edit]

Things to consider[edit]

Identification of relevant OER/Wikibooks for remix and reuse in respective curriculum
Relevant OER can be pre-selected by team leader for peer-review during the sharing sessions. A number of virtual workshops/sharing sessions can conducted to foster discussion on Wikibooks resources and shared among team members using sharing platform service for demonstrations and showcase of repositories https://en.wikibooks.org

Matching of learning outcomes, teaching activities and instructional strategies
The identification of learning outcomes, teaching activities and instructional strategies can be carried out by team leader, academic member and instructional designers to ensure the clear alignment of learning outcomes with the components of the OER content.

Design of OER

Effective planning and design contributes to well-designed textbook/OER for self-directed study. The users may choose for adopting standardize curriculum for course preparation such as identifying learning objectives, tutorials, identification of potential assessments, course content or syllabuses.

Learning navigations
Icons are incorporated into the OER/textbook as the UI to help provide visual cues and facilitate self-directed learning. The icons are designed to inform the learners of the activities that are required to do before proceeding to the next section such as activities, assignments, audio, reminder and review questions. The icons navigation can be used to serve the purpose of richer reading and learning experiences.

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